Justice for Dogs and Cats Reportedly Trapped in Filthy, Unlivable “Rescue” Facility

Target: A. Billingsley, Borough Attorney of North Star Fairbanks Borough

Goal: Prosecute animal rescue business owner accused of multiple counts of cruelty.

It took two decades and several accusations of animal neglect and cruelty, but Alaska’s Loving Companions Animal Rescue has finally closed its doors. After a neglect complaint was made to local police earlier in the year, an investigation commenced that eventually resulted in the under-fire organization’s closure. Now, its owner is facing animal cruelty charges that include a felony count.

Among the allegations are reports from individuals who volunteered at the site of poor, unsanitary, and unlivable conditions. The fact that the accused marketed this place as a refuge for the most vulnerable and at-risk animals makes the possible abuses committed even worse. Such potential crimes undermine the whole cause of animal rescues and do harm to genuinely compassionate individuals who do have good intentions.

Sign the petition below to demand this woman be held to account if she is found guilty.


Dear Attorney Billingsley,

Loving Companions Animal Rescue seemingly flew under the radar for 20-plus years. While on the surface this organization presented an image of empathy, love for animals, and good service, volunteers allege the true reflection was much darker.

The reported response to these concerns, however, was anything but consistent or prompt. This potentially clear and present danger to animal welfare was even allowed to remain in operation while it underwent a felony-level investigation. Only when the charges came back did it shutter. Please ensure the pursuit of justice in this case does not meet a similar plodding dead end.

The owner of the rescue operation allegedly violated her most essential duties of care multiple times. She should pay the price if she is found guilty.


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  1. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    What a suprise from the state that abuses and tortures hundreds of dogs in the name of entertainment called the Idorod. Left to freeze starve and when lame, shot.

    • Very true!

    • So very true! Alaska doesn’t give a shit about the animals! Not unless they can make money off them! Alaska is a big joke! Always has been and always will be! I lived there for over 46 years!!! I just moved out of state last year! SO SICK OF THEM USING THE POOR DOGS FOR THEIR POCKETS! And any other animal they so see fit to abuse!

    • Rescuers are nasty to one another and volunteers are the worst because they’re super judgmental and constantly complaining but aren’t actually held responsible themselves. Rescuers are over-worked, emotionally drained and financially devastated. After 20 years of working her ass of for animals, I’m sure this is a slap in the woman’s face, but at least she gets a well-deserved rest from cleaning up after everyone else. She didn’t deserve this or the hatred everyone is giving her.

      • Yes Chris i agree with you. This woman tried to help save the animals but the government felt threatened that she was able to accomplish adopting out the rescues and not having to euthanize any of them. Now that she closed her doors the government ran facility is euthanizing over 100 a month! This is usually more than they adopt out!

  2. Torah Wolf says:

    Get these poor animals out of there and do something you either stand for Jesus and for Justice and what’s right or you stand for nothing get these poor animals out of their arrest that creepy woman and put her in a cage and send these poor animals to a sanctuary these are God’s creatures what do you think God thinks about that them being treated this way He doesn’t like it I can promise you that

  3. People should die

  4. God gave us free will to make out own choices but it doesn’t mean we won’t pay for them in death.

  5. David Peters says:

    Stop it

  6. Ross Allen says:

    Prosecute and send to prison for a decade.

  7. Susan Kramer says:

    Save all of these animals, and jail time for the owners of that awful place!

  8. Yolanda Holtzee says:

    Lock her -ss up.

  9. Marianne Alfano says:

    This has been going on for 20 years, and no one has ever filed a complaint against this person?? The article says they’ve had volunteers working there and they did nothing to protect the animals. This woman needs to be thrown in jail and pay for all the damage she has caused.

  10. Alaska. There’s a surprise. A state that thinks dogs should be run to death for the amusement and monetary gain of humans. For the love of God (or whatever you believe in) Stop all this animal abuse.

  11. Paula+Long says:

    Where the hell is the justice system? They disgust me.

  12. This was going on for DECADES in Newark, NJ, and, in the end, Rosann Trezza never did pay for her crimes at Newark AHS animal shelter. People get away with animal abuse. It’s disgusting. The last two mass shooters were supposedly animal abusers. Imagine if someone had stopped them when they were animal abusers.

  13. MICHAEL BAVARO says:


  14. If she’s found guilty or not found guilty, there will be very little punishment for this Bitch. There never is. The only thing that might slow this shit down of animal abuse is to kill a few of these worthless bastards. But that’s not gonna happen. Decent people don’t want to go to prison. And the law will make damn sure you go to prison if you harm a hair on one of these low-life animal abusing cocksuckers heads. Every day you see people that defend themselves go to prison while they let robbers, rapists and killers either walk free or get very little time in prison. There is no real justice in the justice system.

  15. Maria Lavorato says:

    It took two decades to shut this horror house down!.
    So sickening!

    And why were they allowed to remain in operation while theyunderwent a felony-level investigation?


    TIME OF MAKE REAL LAWS THAT WILL BE ENFORCED! TIME TO PAY….CHARGE AND FINE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW EACH GUILTY PARTY. Hope each and everyone of the animals abusers at Loving Companions Animal Rescue gets their just desserts!!

  16. Prosecutors and Judges: do your job well. We have laws for a reason. Punish these people properly to deter future abuses and others from committing these crimes against the innocent.

  17. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m glad this “pretend rescue” organization has finally been shut down. It should not have been allowed to operate for so long when there was evidence of rampant abuse. Someone dropped the ball here. The woman who neglected and abused these animals for over two decades needs to be severely punished. I hope the animals who were victimized by her finally get justice.

  18. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m glad this “pretend rescue” has been finally shut down. It should not have been allowed to operate for over two decades when there was evidence of rampant abuse. Someone dropped the ball. The woman who abused and neglected these poor, innocent animals under the guise of rescuing them should be severely punished. I hope these innocent fur babies get justice.

  19. Wow only 20 years to shut this hell hole down!!
    Great job Alaska!!!

  20. Kill off 95 percent of the human population this solves everything

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