Black Bear Mother Shot to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Katie Scharf Dykes, Commissioner of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Goal: Investigate circumstances and weigh potential charges in mother black bear’s shooting and death.

A beloved black bear who called Connecticut home was shot dead, leaving two orphan cubs behind. The bear, named Bobbi by locals, was so well-known in the Newtown region that a social media page dedicated to sightings of her had amassed over a thousand followers. Bobbi’s cubs have been taken to a rehabilitation facility, where they will be nurtured before being reintroduced to the wild in a few months. The circumstances around this mother bear’s shooting, however, remain less clear.

Authorities will only confirm that an off-duty and still-unnamed police officer was potentially involved with the shooting and that the incident took place on private property. Connecticut has strict laws against the killing of black bears, as shootings are typically only permitted in cases of self-defense. Black bear attacks, and especially attacks in this bear-heavy region, appear to be extremely rare.

Since the cubs’ fate is settled, attention should now focus on determining whether or not a crime was committed in this tragedy. Sign the petition below to urge a full and unyielding investigation.


Dear Commissioner Dykes,

“The tragic and brutal killing of this mother black bear, leaving her orphaned cubs stranded, was preventable and unnecessary.” The director of Connecticut’s Humane Society offered these thoughts in regard to the shooting death of local bear Bobbi. Much of the recent attention regarding this case has centered around the health and care of the cubs left behind. These young animals are now safe, but the trauma of their mother’s passing will likely long remain.

They, and the fallen animal herself, deserve justice. Please stay vigilant in the investigation concerning this tragic incident. If the killing violated any Connecticut statute, recommend full charges that will affirm the importance of wildlife protection within this state.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Save Bobbi’s Cubs 


  1. Liliana Espejo says:

    This is so heartbreaking

  2. Dumbass cop needs to be fully prosecuted & punished severely for breaking a well known law.

  3. People need to leave animals alone. Those poor cubs now have to grow up without mom — how sad. That monster deserves prison time.

  4. Sherry Mainquist says:

    Another trigger happy cop…shoot first ask questions later…sad poor mamma bear…RIP

  5. Why does this keep happening? If a police officer is not ready to be placed in the field then hold him back. All police officers need to be better versed in how to handle dogs and wild animals. Something is suspicious about this killing and the officer needs to be placed on desk duty until a proper investigation is done. If guilty then the officer needs to be judged in court. If found guilty he needs to pay the price and certainly be fired. So many animals are killed by police every year and this shoot first attitude must be stopped.

  6. This individual was trained to protect and instead reacted without any compassion and chose to kill a gentle creature. This Angel was in her neighborhood as well, but too many people do not wish to share this world with animals and their solution is to kill them. This is abhorent and such atrocities must be stopped.
    This person took everything from Bobbi; her life, and left her cubs as orphans robbing them of their mother. This is one vile world.

  7. These damn dirty cops always shooting anything that’s black.

  8. American Girl says:

    Absolutely inhumane & barbaric. This did NOT need to happen! Prosecute, heavily fine & incarcerate this trigger happy asshole.

  9. Tracey Aquino says:

    Just why the ever-loving FUCK are the most inept pieces of psycho shit given a gun and a badge?!?!?!?! This country is goddamn stupid. R.I.P. Momma Bear.

  10. This vile,mentally deranged animal killing scumbag oinker pig cop, must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less! A slow agionising death for this evuil faggot is essential!!!!

  11. A local police officer. He must have known about who Bobbi was and all about her sightings. If he was innocent of just killing her he would be all over saying he was sorry but he had to do it to save a life. Just another trigger happy cop and another dead innocent animal.

  12. Patricia Orlando says:

    Animals need a voice to be protected. After all they have feeling too and deserve to live just like us humans.

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