Poodle Reportedly Found Starving With Band Wrapped Around Mouth Deserves Justice

Target: Suffolk County, Massachusetts District Attorney Kevin Hayden

Goal: Give prison sentence to the person who allegedly wrapped a band tightly around a dog’s muzzle and left the animal to fend for herself.

A poodle mix was injured because a band was allegedly wrapped tightly around her muzzle for days. The person reportedly responsible for this crime needs to be justly punished under the law to better ensure other animals will not suffer.

The poodle was not able to eat as a result of the alleged incident. Police indicated that her nose was extremely swollen and that the muzzle had a foul smell to it. She had surgery and was given antibiotics since her injuries were severe.

Police found the dog’s former caretaker, and they are currently seeking charges against the individual. Sign this petition to demand the person spend time behind bars if it is found they are guilty of such horrific animal cruelty.


Dear District Attorney Hayden,

A dog was allegedly found running around with a tight band wrapped around her muzzle. Whoever is reportedly responsible for this abuse needs to spend time in prison so that other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

According to reports, the band kept the muzzle in place, and the dog was unable to eat. Investigators said she lost an unhealthy amount of weight and smelled awful, which is likely what contributed to her developing an infection. The dog had to have surgery to bring down the inflammation of her nose and was also prescribed antibiotics.

Authorities were able to track down the last owner of the poodle, and they are in the process of pressing charges. For the above reasons, I demand the suspect be given a strict legal sentence if it is found they are responsible for abusing and abandoning this helpless animal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Choiwangmo9


  1. Andrew Wells says:

    Hang them!I

  2. Thank goodness this dog was rescued. Please put this monster in prison!

  3. Shawna Flottemesch says:

    Kill them

  4. Judge, please do the right thing and Punish this person. Abused animals only have your voice to protect them. Let that owner know there is punishment for abuse.

  5. Cheri Pereira says:

    Please don’t let animals be abused the owner must be held accountable

  6. Hang this person from a tree and let the wild animals eat them alive. This would draw a huge applauding audience.

  7. Samina+Araf says:

    Send this monster to me and I’ll show him how it’s done so he dies a painful death if starvation with his mouth bandaged so tightly that his evil eyes pop out evil scum!!!

  8. Andrew Gurr says:

    How can people be so evil? There has to be strict animal abuse laws, nation wide. The problem is that dogs/cats are considered to be property (like the Negro–during 19th century ). Dogs/cats and other animals all have feelings, thinking powers–dogs, cats, some other animals having more thinking–brain use than others. But the point is, that its politics, like everything else. Maybe, if some nut case kidnaps a VIP’S dog or cat ( and kills it) then I bet you that there would a loud scream for stiffer laws.

  9. Sew this person’s mouth shut. Beat the hell out of the person and starve them to death.

  10. Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of human sadistic psychopaths. ANIMAL abuse shall be treated as any HUMAN abuse. This innocent dog deserves justice – just like YOU and ME!
    MAX JAIL for this horrific act of cruelty!The perpetrator must also be FORBIDDEN from owning animals ever again!

  11. American Girl says:

    Cull these inbred pieces of shit from our planet. They are nothing more than oxygen thieves!

  12. Please lock this evil POS behind bars for max Felony charges. That still wouldn’t be enough monsters like this need to be removed from this earth permanently.

  13. louis castora says:

    someone needs to grab that asshole and place a band tightly around their neck. worthless piece of shit.

  14. Please put this person or persons in prison for this act of torture and cruelty. An animal shelter would have gladly taken this innocent animal in. They must also be responsible for the Vet bills. We must make stricter laws for people who do acts of cruelty so just maybe they would think twice. These are heartless, uneducated people!

  15. Diane+johnson says:

    Also…..please make sure this POS NEVER own a dog or any animal again!!!!

  16. This mentally deranged scumbag, must have the death pemnalty implemented.A slow and agonising death for this evil cretin is essential!! OH YESS!!!

  17. Barbara Garrison says:

    Because people are increasingly evil and sadistic, the laws must be changed to match the severity of those crimes. These people are sick in the head, and a slap on the wrist is not going to do a damn thing.

  18. Muzzle this prick!!!

  19. Joseph Kenosky says:

    Prosecute those responsible!!

  20. So glad she was saved . There are some sick and evil people in this world who are a waste of oxygen and i hope they get what they deseve in life.

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