Stop Renting Out Endangered Koalas for Parties

Target: Susan Ley, Australian Minister of the Environment

Goal: Protect koalas from distress caused by park rentals.

Koalas are among the most beloved animals in Australia, yet human beings are continually putting them in harm’s way. In December, a land-clearing operation reportedly caused the deaths of over 50 of the animals. Such losses of habitat, combined with other dangers, led to the koala’s unfortunate entry on the critically endangered list. Conservationists estimate that these beautiful animals could become extinct in mere decades. Now, another form of exploitation is on the rise.

A park in New South Wales drew criticism for an advertisement in which it would “rent out” koalas for entertainment purposes. Under this agreement, the koalas would be taken from their homes and their havens of comfort and subjected to unfamiliar environments. They would also have to endure stares at best, and harassment at worst, from people they likely fear. These stressful settings could greatly hinder the koalas’ quality of life and even endanger their health.

The government is considering calls to restrict these harmful and on-the-rise practices. Sign the petition below to demand this protection go into effect as soon as possible.


Dear Minister Ley,

Animal parks’ first priority should always remain the welfare of the living beings under their care. These entities should not exploit their duties of care to turn a quick profit at the expense of vulnerable animals. The recent revelations about apparent koala rentals for hotels, parties, and other forms of “entertainment” is a gross example of this irresponsible behavior.

Koalas are already facing extinction because of the reckless actions of humans. The remaining animals should not have to live their lives under constant duress and fear. Please take the necessary action to ban these unethical and harmful rentals and to fight for the future of these beautiful Australian fixtures on a broader level.


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Photo Credit: Pixabay 


  1. The Australian Government must be mad to allow this!! Not content with bringing these beautiful creatures to the brink of extinction by killing them in their insane land clearing operations (isn’t there enough room in Australia to build houses without having to clear land of it’s trees???!!) they now allow idiots to hire out what is left of them!! No wonder this country is losing all it’s unique wildlife.

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    How do people get this self absorbed and stupid?

  3. Sick, selfish people, all-round! Get some GOOD values for once in your miserable lives!

  4. transformation6891Janey says:

    both the park and people who try to rent koalas should be hauled over the coals how inappropriate and uncaring. Illegal is what it should be and seen as criminal

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