Pomeranian Pup Apparently Dead From Malicious Head Wound Deserves Justice

Target: Charme P. Allen, District Attorney General of Knox County, TN

Goal: Prosecute alleged fatal animal cruelty case involving young dog to the fullest extent.

Animal emergency clinics see perhaps more than any outlet the devastating effects of animal cruelty. A Tennessee-based animal emergency and specialty center apparently saw one such case and reported suspicions to local authorities. As a result, Timothy Cox was taken into custody on charges of aggravated cruelty.

The case involves a Pomeranian pup just ten months old. The dog, named Bentley, was admitted after he reportedly suffered head trauma described as severe. Tragically, Bentley soon died due to his injuries. A medical report for the dog suggests that a person—and not another source—caused the life-ending trauma. Cox now faces charges because he was allegedly the only individual with custody of Bentley at the time of the incident.

This dog’s life ended before it even really began, and he deserves justice. Sign the petition below to demand the maximum possible punishment if the accused is found guilty.


Dear Ms. Allen,

Animal cruelty is an insidious, underreported, and often under-punished crime. These atrocious acts are also often gateway crimes to serious offenses against humans. A system that takes the process of putting animal abusers behind bars seriously is a system that will increase its odds of enforcing true law and order.

A young ten-month-old dog recently died in Knoxville from suspected animal cruelty. The man charged with this alleged offense, Timothy Cox, now awaits his day in court within your jurisdiction. Please prosecute this case with vigilance and ensure this man spends a fitting amount of time in jail if he is found guilty.


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  1. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    The law will never hand down justice. It will only come from people who know where is is and live somewhat nearby.

  2. Francis Fischer says:

    Stop hurting animals.

  3. It’s just called stupid people taking their problems out on an animal and he probably would do the same thing to a human baby to I say throw him in with the rest of the guys that love animals then he would get what he deserves

  4. Please punish the perpetrator. I am sick of arseholes with their inferiority complexes who loose their cool and take it out on innocent animals and then they think they must still go to heaven cos they did not do anything wrong!

  5. How can you look at this sweet face, hurt and kill this innocent pup and call yourself human? We demand the maximum punishment, for the monster that ultimately killed this dog, from the judicial system!


    • I’d love nothing more than to smash Timothy Cox’s head in with a sledgehammer and watch him bleed and cry, make him even more braindead than he already is! He should fucking die a slow horrible death.

      The coward might as well start digging his own grave and crawl in because alot of people will be serving up some vigilante justice…

  7. Put SCUMBAG LOWLIFE Timothy Coz behind bars now!!! Do not allow this scumbag to be around animals again.

  8. Stella Waldvogel says:

    That pup probably didn’t even weigh five pounds. Cox is not a man, he’s sadistic garbage that had probably been doing things like this his whole life. He just happened to get caught this time. Throw the book at him.

  9. Jacqueline - “throw him to animal lovers” says:

    Put that evil monster in jail with animal lovers!!! Hel’ll only get a slap on the wrist with the law!!

  10. Made the evil to pay with the same coin.

  11. Agree with all the above comments. Animal cruelty needs to be taken more seriously than it is now. People who abuse or kill an animal should not be given probation or a light sentence. They should be jailed for a very long time and suffer for a long time. People who abuse and/or kill an animal should never own any animal ever again. The laws must be strengthened!

  12. An infant puppy who couldn’t weigh more than 5 pounds beaten to death is abhorrent and absolute cruelty. Give it away! Many many people would love that puppy. This man must go to prison. We must stop killing innocents. Please make tougher laws or this abuse will not stop!

  13. Maria Bertrand says:

    Bentley is dead…..an innocent little creature of God is dead throw no fault of his own….

    I see this as MURDER….charges should reflect that or the world continues to DECAY!!!!!!!

    Put it right!!!!!!!

    ALL animal abusers should get the same exact abuse back and go straight to HELL never to see another sweet animal again!

  14. Maria Bertrand says:


  15. Laura Rolder says:

    Please let there be justice for this lil innocent life. Max felony charges is a must. This POS needs to rot in prison he murdered this puppy. Animal abusers need harsher punishments. I believe if they take a life they should also die a horrible death. That is true justice to rid the world of worthless humans.

  16. All animal abusers need to be tortured- not just given a slap on the wrist or jail time (free room and board) -and criminals in jail eat better than honest working people!!! Time to change this! If they have no punishment to fear, this will never stop!!!!😡

  17. Instigation of the death penalty and nothing less, must be performed on 100% of vile scumbag animal abusers globally.

  18. I would love to be locked in a room alone with that coward POS. As pissed off as I am at him, I wouldn’t need a weapon to cave HIS head in.

  19. Someone please tell me why this piece of garbage is still walking our streets? This is exactly why people write in because they want these bastards behinds bars or six feet under. But our laws protect them and not the animals they abuse. This is a daily occurrence and it NEVER STOPS!! Even the death penalty is way to good for this asshole.. This poor puppy.. YES PUPPY! Did Not Have A Chance To Live and Yet This ASS IS STILL WALKING AROUND? YES THE NEWS SHOULD GET INVOLVED AND SHOW WHERE HE LIVES LETS SEE HOW HE LIKES IT!!

  20. Julia Edinger says:

    I totally agree with John+Q February
    “May all those who abuse or torture animals suffer a slow horrible painful torturous death before they rot in hell and they better hope they never cross my path !!!! “ Evil who are this cruel are demons!!! They must be wiped off this earth before those demon’s murder another innocent living soul ‼️

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