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Support Ban of Wild Animals in Circuses

New York City has made the compassionate choice to ban wild animals in the circus. Animals trapped within the entertainment industry face many physical and mental problems and are typically abused and neglected. Sign this petition to show your support of this new ban.[...]
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Save Rare Dolphin from Extinction

A rare white dolphin is near extinction. Demand that the American government step in and classify the species as endangered so that its population can thrive and increase.[...]
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Dog Sexually Assaulted With Broom Handle Deserves Justice

A dog was sexually assaulted with a broom handle, leaving her with uncontrollable bleeding. A broken piece of the broom handle was found lodged inside of her body. Demand justice for this innocent animal.[...]
Smiling Man Filmed Skinning Cat Alive Must be Found and Punished

Smiling Man Filmed Skinning Cat Alive Must be Found and Punished

A cat was skinned alive, and the man seen holding the poor animal in a photograph has yet to be caught. Demand that this sadistic, cruel person be brought to justice before more innocent animals are tortured.[...]
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Save the Endangered Kagu Bird

The Kagu bird, of which there are likely no more than a thousand, is endangered and continues to be threatened by logging, mining, and the encroachment of invasive species. This rare species needs to be better protected. Demand government officials step in to save it.[...]
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Justice for Rabbit Mutilated and Killed in Video Posted on Social Media

A video shows a teenager shoot a rabbit with a BB gun before sadistically mutilating the animal with hedge clippers. Please add your signature to demand that the suspect is punished so this innocent animal gets the justice it deserves.[...]
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Dogs Allegedly Starved and Covered in Fleas Deserve Justice

Eleven dogs were reportedly denied food and clean water, leading to the death of two. The dogs were allegedly covered in fleas and lived in deplorable conditions. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.[...]
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Don’t Strip Grizzly Bears of Endangered Status

Yellowstone's grizzly bears could soon face hunting and other threats to their survival. Sign the petition to ask for continued protections for this majestic animal.[...]
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Dying Dog Abandoned in the Rain Deserves Justice

A dog suffering from a large open wound and end-stage renal failure was abandoned outside in the rain. Demand justice for this innocent animal.[...]
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Stop the Looming Bee Apocalypse

Bees are vanishing around the world because of toxic pesticides known as neonicontinoids. China, the second largest producer of food in the world, has not restricted the use of these poisons at all. Demand the Chinese government do more to save the bees.[...]

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