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Don’t Legalize Trophy Hunting of Black Bears

The trophy hunting of black bears may soon be legalized due to a new proposal in Connecticut. This would subject bears to cruel and inhumane deaths in the forms of bowhunting and hound hunting. Sign this petition to ensure this bill is rejected.[...]
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Restore Plummeting Sardine Populations

Sardine populations have collapsed on the U.S. West Coast, threatening local ecosystems and fisheries with disaster. Call for greater multi-national cooperation and sustained restrictions on sardine fishing to help restore their original numbers.[...]
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Stop H&M from Using Cruelly Sourced Leather

H&M has made a commitment to helping animals by no longer using fur and angora wool, however the company still uses leather for many of its products. Leather comes from the bodies of tortured cows. Sign this petition and demand H&M stop using leather.[...]
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Justice for Horse Found With Rope Embedded in its Nose

A horse was found with a rope embedded so far into its nose that muscle was visible. The wound was infected and infested with flies. Demand that the person responsible is punished.[...]
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Justice for Dog Allegedly Burned Alive

Three children are accused of chaining a dog to a tree and burning it. Demand justice for this innocent animal.[...]
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Justice for Puppy Cruelly Thrown From Balcony During Fight

A small puppy was allegedly thrown from over 30 feet in the air by a man who was arguing with his girlfriend. The dog survived, but her injuries, including a broken neck, a fractured pelvis, and cracked ribs, are severe. Please sign this petition to demand that this poor puppy gets the justice she deserves.[...]
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Cancel Plans for Barbaric Rodeo Celebration

A rodeo has been planned to commemorate Montreal's 375th anniversary. These events cause extreme stress to animals, and can result in serious injury or death. Sign this petition to demand that this event is cancelled.[...]
Justice for Family Dogs Found Decapitated

Justice for Family Dogs Found Decapitated

Two dogs were found stabbed, burned, and decapitated near a train track. Demand that the person responsible for the mutilation and killing of poor BB and Calypso is found and punished.[...]
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Demand Justice for Dog and Horse Allegedly Starved and Neglected

A dog was found filthy, with most of its fur in matted clumps. On the same property, a horse was so emaciated that its bones were visible. Demand justice for these animals.[...]
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Dogs Burned Alive in Car Need Justice

Several dogs were locked in an abandoned car and set on fire. The dogs yelped and howled as they burned to death. Demand justice for these innocent animals.[...]

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