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Save Millions of Chicks From Torture

Male chicks are drowned, ground up alive, or suffocated by the egg industry. Demand a crackdown on this unnecessary cruelty in order to push the egg industry forward into a new, more humane era.[...]
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Demand Venue Cancel Cruel Bear Show

A venue is planning on hosting a traveling bear show despite the show's negative reputation. The leader of this show has been cited multiple times by the USDA and has put his bears and the audience in danger. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel plans with this cruel show.[...]
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Justice for 37 Dogs Allegedly Starved and Neglected

Thirty-seven dogs were allegedly neglected in their own home. They were reportedly starved, dehydrated, and forced to live in their own filth. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.[...]
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Cancel Appearance of Allegedly Abused Circus Elephants

A circus accused of brutally abusing elephants and other animals could soon be hosted at a prominent venue. The circus works with trainers that have reportedly been caught on tape beating their animals. Sign this petition and demand the cancellation of this circus act.[...]
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Success: Cruel Hunters Will No Longer Get Away with Hurting Sharks

A prison sentence for shark finning and shark spining, a violent practice of dismembering sharks to use their body parts in soup, has been handed out for the first time in Costa Rica. Applaud this victory for the protection of sharks.[...]
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Praise City For Banning Sale of Commercially-Bred Animals in Pet Stores

A city has put a ban on all pet stores selling commercially bred animals -- instead, the stores will now feature rescue animals. This new law takes business away from large scale breeding operations like puppy mills, and will help lower the number of animals euthanized due to lack of resources and space. Sign this petition to praise the city for making the compassionate change.[...]
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Justice for Dog Abandoned in Parking Lot

A dog was recently pushed out of a vehicle and abandoned in a parking lot near a busy street. Demand that the person responsible is found and charged with animal cruelty.[...]
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Ban Cruel Pig Scramble Event

A California town has for years featured a cruel annual "pig scramble" where children chase, wrestle and harass young piglets in the name of "good, clean fun." This event is torturous for these intelligent creatures. Sign this petition to demand that it be banned.[...]
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Find and Punish Barbaric Serial Cat Killer

The heads of two decapitated cats were recently found in two nearby neighborhoods. It is suspected that these attacks are the work of a notorious killer, who has claimed the lives of over 200 cats. Demand this offender is found and brought to justice.[...]
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Stop Animal Abusers from Owning Animals

Convicted animal abusers could soon be prevented from owning animals thanks to a proposed new bill. The bill would create a registry of convicted animal abusers and sanction all pet stores, breeders, and shelters who provide pets to them. Demand that the Florida House of Representatives pass this important bill.[...]

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