Articles written by: Susan Montgomery

Help Save Rapidly Declining Bee Populations

Bees are a vital part of many food chains, including ours, and without them the future of humanity is bleak. Sign this petition to demand that businesses be required to plant bee-friendly flowers to help endangered bees recover before it’s too late.

Give Emotional Support Animals Training

Emotional support animals aren’t given the same recognition that service animals are. This leaves hundreds of people unable to function in society because they are denied their support animal. Please sign this petition to help create a training program to qualify support animals as service animals.

Create Weather App to Help Pet Parents

Pet parents aren’t always aware that the weather can severely affect their animals. Weather reports and phone apps should include tips and warnings for pet parents. These tips and warnings would keep pets out of hot cars, off hot streets and remind owners to always be aware of the weather. Please sign this petition to require these warnings on all weather reports.

Require Horse Trainers to Complete Special Training Program

Horses thrive on relationships built with trust, both within and without their herd. In order to successfully train a horse, trainers need to rely on a groundwork of trust and positive training. With a standard curriculum based on trust and positive training techniques, trainers would no longer need to rely on cruel tools. Please sign this petition to create a national training program for horse trainers.

Require Dog Trainers to Complete Special Training

Dog training methods vary depending on the trainer, and while it can be nice to have different methods, this can be a headache for pet owners. Creating a national certification program for all dog trainers would take out a lot of the guess work for owners. Positive training methods would be the focus of the program along with preparing dogs for the canine good citizen test. Please sign this petition to get all dog trainers onto a more positive training course.

Require Restaurants to Donate to Animal Sanctuaries

Every day restaurants all over the country are serving up dead animals, animals who had lives and families. The production of meat takes lives and destroys the environment. Restaurants serving meat dishes should be required to donate yearly to farm animal sanctuaries. Please sign this petition to get restaurants to donate to animal sanctuaries.

Help School Children Conserve Butterflies

With the rapid decline of milkweed, monarch butterflies are disappearing at alarming rates. With the help of students, these butterflies could make a recovery. Please sign this petition to demand the creation of a monarch butterfly conservation program at schools.

Protect Feral Cats From Heat and Cold

Feral cat colonies are in need of adequate shelters to get them through extreme weather. Providing shelter to feral cats would also cut down on conflicts within communities and would provide safety for the cat colonies. Please sign this petition to help keep these cats safe.

Demand States Provide Nesting Grounds for Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are rapidly losing their habitats due to human expansion. Breeding season has become increasingly difficult as many birds aren’t able to find nesting ground or even mates. Setting aside natural areas designed to aid birds in nesting would help to save these raptors. Please sign this petition to help create a bird of prey nesting area program.

Save Sea Turtles From Plastic Straws

Sea turtles are being bombarded by plastic pollution in the ocean. With the U.S. using 500 million straws every day, these turtles are in danger of becoming entangled, starving to death, and being physically injured by lodged straws. Please sign this petition to help ban the use of plastic straws.

Demand Zoo Breeding Programs to Save Animals

Hundreds of species of animals are critically endangered and are facing an uncertain future. Zoos may be the last hope for many of these animals. Please sign this petition to help create new conservation breeding programs.

Retire Aging Zoo Animals to Sanctuaries

Elderly zoo animals should be given a peaceful retirement at wildlife sanctuaries. After spending most of their lives on display, these wild animals deserve to be given a blissful life away from the public. Please sign this petition to urge zoos to retire their animals.

Ban Harmful Paper Products at Zoos

Zoo visitors create a lot of trash and not all of it ends up in the proper bins. In order to protect animals and the environment, zoos should use reusable containers for food and drink. Please sign this petition and urge zoos to end the use of paper and plastic products.

Ban Cruel Dog Training Tools

Choke chains and similar collars are still being sold in pet supply stores as training tools. These cruel tools have no place in a store that claims to be pet-friendly. Please sign this petition to help ban the sale of dangerous and outdated training collars.

Save Shelter Animals With School Service Program

Thousands of animals at understaffed shelters need more help from the community. Volunteering at an animal shelter would teach kids to care for another living being and to work together to achieve a common goal. Please sign this petition to help create an animal shelter community service project.

Shelter Dogs for Hospitalized Kids

Therapy dogs provide important services to people everywhere. For hospitalized children, these dogs could truly make a difference by providing them with unconditional support and companionship. Please sign this petition to help create a therapy dog program for hospitalized children.

Save Animals in Need of Emergency Help

When animals find themselves in dangerous situations, they need special consideration when it comes to saving them. Most emergency response teams aren’t set up to properly handle animal emergencies. Sign this petition to save our animals.

Save Wildlife From Dehydration

Wildlife in national parks are in need of a constant supply of water. During drought and hotter weather periods, these animals may have to travel up to half a day just to find water. Please sign this petition and urge national parks to provide wildlife water stations to ensure the survival of wild animals.

Increase Cat Adoptions in Shelters

Shelter cats are regularly overlooked by potential adopters. With the help of an adoption program that gave cats a stress-free environment, shelters would see an increase in adoption rates. Please sign this petition to urge the Humane Society of the United States to create an adoption program for shelter cats.

Keep Dogs Safe With Proper Training

In order to keep our canine companions healthy and happy in our society, they should be required to have appropriate training. This includes socialization as well as basic commands to help keep them safe. Please sign this petition to ensure that our beloved canines receive the training they need to be well-behaved members of our society.

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