Articles written by: Susan Montgomery

Require Pet Stores to Partner with Rescue Groups

Shelter animals face a daunting road when trying to find a forever home. If pet stores were to partner with animal shelters and rescue organizations, shelter animals could get the help they need in finding homes. Please sign this petition to urge Colorado to create a statewide partnership between pet stores and animal rescues.

Demand More Vegan Food Options to Save Animals

There is no way to humanely kill an animal who doesn’t want to die. Yet while cafes and coffee houses are beginning to become more vegan-friendly in the drinks they offer, they are still hesitant to offer humane vegan food. Please sign this petition to urge Barnes and Noble to offer vegan options in their cafe and prevent needless animal suffering.

Save Squirrels From Being Hit on Roadways

Every year, thousands of squirrels are killed by cars. This doesn’t have to remain an issue; by building rope bridges across roadways, we could save squirrels from being killed and prevent accidents caused by drivers trying to avoid them. Please urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to build rope bridges to give squirrels a safe way to cross the road.

Save Nocturnal Lemur From Extinction

The nocturnal primate known as the aye-aye is facing an unknown future. Hunting, habitat loss and superstitious beliefs threaten this creature with extinction. Please sign the petition to urge the government of Madagascar to strengthen their protections for aye-ayes.

Save Animals From Shrinking Habitats

Housing developments are forcing animals from their homes as each bit of open space is bought up. Local wildlife deserves our protection from the ever-expanding human population. Please sign this petition to create open spaces in every neighborhood and protect animals from losing their homes.

Success: Cruel Cyanide Traps Halted in Idaho

After a family’s pet dog died in agony, as a result of setting off a cyanide trap set for wildlife, the Department of Agriculture banned these cruel traps in Idaho. Applaud this move and call for a permanent nationwide ban.

Increase Efforts to Save Critically Endangered Species

About 2,500 animal species are considered critically endangered around the world. The need for conservation efforts has greatly increased and zoos are being challenged on whether they are doing enough. Education and outreach programs are the best tools currently available to get people interested and invested in the future of animals. Please sign this petition and urge zoos all around the world to step up their efforts of conservation by strengthening their education programs for visitors.

Help Students Become Good Conservationists

Implementing conservation courses as part of schools’ core curriculum could help children develop important skills as they learn to overcome current challenges facing wildlife conservation and develop a global awareness that will benefit world relations. Please urge the Department of Education to offer conservation courses and secure the preservation of wildlife.

Success: Taiwan Adds Stricter Laws on Dog Meat

The consumption and selling of dog meat in Taiwan now face stricter penalties. In 2001 Taiwan banned dog and cat meat, but the enforcement of the law was lacking. Now, the Animal Protection Act comes with stricter penalties and heftier fines in the revised edition submitted to the President of Taiwan. Applaud President Tsai Ing-wen for reviewing this revised amendment and putting the new laws into action by the end of April.

Save Unadoptable Animals From Death

Many dogs and cats are overlooked at shelters because they don’t fit in the cute and young category. But these animals are often the ones that make the best pets. Without some publicity help, these animals are waiting to die in shelters. Urge the ASPCA to implement a program to increase the visibility of these overlooked shelter animals.

Save Flightless Bird From Extinction

The rare flightless bird of Guam faces total extinction as efforts to reintroduce it into the wild have come to a halt due to feral cats threatening breeding. While the focus remains on captive breeding, the Guam Rail won’t be able to survive if it isn’t reintroduced into the wild. Please urge the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to intensify efforts to restore the bird to the wild

Demand National Park Stop Slaughtering and Serving Bison for Consumption

Bison, a species that once faced extinction, are slaughtered and served as menu items in a park that is supposed to protect them. Tell Yellowstone National Park to commit to conservation by no longer selling bison meat.

American Red Cross Must House Animals During Disasters

Many families are forced to leave their pets behind in order to find safety during natural disasters. When rescue teams are finally able to go out and search for survivors, it is too late for many animals, who often run out of food and water. Please sign this petition to demand that the American Red Cross provide shelter for family pets.

Require Education Courses for Dog Adopters

Far too many dogs are returned to shelters after being adopted because their new families decide that they are not a good fit. Many of these returns could be prevented if shelters required educational courses for all new dog adopters. Encourage the ASPCA to make these courses mandatory for dog adoptions across the U.S.

Save Lions, Elephants, and Rhinos From Extinction at the Hands of Hunters

Wild animals, including lions, elephants, and rhinos, are facing extinction due to rampant poaching and trophy hunting. Without intervention, these animals race toward a non-existent future. Please sign this petition to protect vulnerable species from hunting

Protect Animals From Deadly Vehicle Collisions

Thousands of animals travel unsafely in vehicles every year. Livestock and companion animals have no safety regulations when it comes to traveling on the roads. Sign this petition to urge the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration to create safety standards for animals.

Save the Cloud Forest Salamander

A critically imperiled salamander species faces imminent extinction if we don’t take action now. Please sign this petition and help save these special animals, who are found in only one spot in the entire world.

Success: Taiwan Bans Euthanasia of Stray Animals

Taiwan recently banned the euthanasia of stray animals. Now, animals in shelters can no longer be put to death because they remain unclaimed. Applaud the Taiwan parliament for standing up for animal rights.

Save the Bactrian Camel From Extinction

Fewer than one thousand wild Bactrian camels are left, and time is running out to save them. Their numbers are threatened due to poaching, habitat loss and cross-breeding that could wipe out their unique genes. Please sign this petition to save these special creatures.

End Cruel and Painful Animal Body Modification

Puppies as young as eight weeks are being forced to undergo cosmetic surgery to conform to unnatural breed standards set by the American Kennel Club. Please sign this petition to protect dogs from such vain and painful procedures.

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