Articles written by: Skye Bar

Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

The Republican candidate for Congress in Montana recently slaughtered prairie dogs with Donald Trump Jr. for publicity. The prairie dogs are important ecologically and the hunt took place during their breeding season, when females were pregnant. Sign this petition to denounce this disgusting politically motivated animal hunt.

Success: USDA Reposts Animal Welfare Information

Thousands of records of animal cruelty were removed from the USDA web site, impeding efforts to hold abusers accountable. The USDA has faced a huge outcry from concerned citizens and in response they’ve re-posted some of the records. Sign this petition to praise them for this step in the right direction.

Save Endangered Tree Frogs From Habitat Loss

A rare frog will die out if we don’t take action to protect its habitat. Please sign this petition to restrict businesses from building near the frogs’ habitat.

Success: Florida Black Bears Will Not Be Hunted

The 2017 black bear hunt has been cancelled. Sign this petition to praise those responsible for saving hundreds of Florida black bears.

Shut Down Allegedly Abusive Sloth Sanctuary

Sloths are reportedly being abused and neglected at a “sanctuary” in Costa Rica. These creatures have very specific needs that it appears are just not being met. Sign this petition to shut down the allegedly abusive sloth sanctuary.

Demand Justice for Starved Livestock

Over two dozen pigs and cattle were allegedly severely mistreated at the hands of one farmer. A few even had to be euthanized. Sign this petition to make sure the accused faces justice.

Save Endangered Tree Snails with Cultural Significance

The “singing shells” of Hawaii are vanishing due to the introduction of a predatory lizard. Sign this petition to help protect endangered snails from invasive predators.

Justice for Rosita, the Abandoned Guinea Pig

A guinea pig was abandoned in a mailbox and could have died. The perpetrator will likely face only minor repercussions. Sign this petition to make sure justice is served, even for a small creature.

Stop Poaching Unique Endangered Fish for Expensive Gourmet Food

The humphead wrasse, a huge endangered coral reef fish, is being hunted to extinction in the name of luxury cuisine. Sign this petition to ban the poaching of this important and rare marine species.

Stop Mailing Live Tadpoles for Cruel Science Experiments

Frog tadpoles are commonly sent through the mail in kits for science experiments, dooming them to a short and unpleasant life. Ban this inhumane practice immediately.

Protect the Florida Bonneted Bat

The Florida bonneted bat is facing extinction due to habitat destruction. The simple designation of protected roosting areas could save countless bats and help the Florida ecosystem remain in balance.

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