Articles written by: Nariman Fadhil

Ban Unethical Foie Gras

Foie gras is produced by force-feeding birds, which causes their livers to swell to up to 10 times their normal size. No animals should suffer for people’s food taste. Sign this petition to demand that New York ban the sale and production of the inhumane product.

Success: Wild Animal Circuses Banned

The use of wild animals in traveling circuses will finally be banned across England. Show your support for animal welfare by thanking the UK Parliament for outlawing the cruel practice.

Success: Abused Animals Given Advocates in Court

Court representation will be provided to mistreated animals in Maine, reducing the number of abusers walking free. This means that justice can finally be granted to animals who have suffered or died needlessly. Support this commitment to animal welfare.

Provide Abused Animals with Court Representation

Those who torture and murder animals are being let off the hook. This must change. Law students or volunteer lawyers could soon be appointed to work for free for animal abuse victims in Maine. Sign this petition to demand that neglected animals be given a voice in court.

Stop Using Animals in Cruel Traveling Circuses

Wild animals could soon be banned from England’s traveling circuses in a bold move against animal cruelty. Animals have suffered abuse and neglect at these attractions along with a poor quality of life. Demand that this needless animal cruelty finally be put to an end.

Ban Sale of Mistreated Puppy Mill Animals

Helpless animals are being raised in unsanitary and dangerous breeding operations only to be sold in retail pet stores. Sign this petition and urge the state of Massachusetts to support a bill that would outlaw the appalling practice.

Protect Horses from Dangerous and Deadly Racing

Twenty-three horses died tragic deaths at Santa Anita Park, and it’s time to finally bring this cruelty to an end. Animal welfare needs to improve in California to prevent such incidents from repeating. Sign this petition to urge the state to improve horse safety by supporting this bill.

End the Slaughter of Horses for Pet Food

Thousands of horses are butchered for pet food every year in Australia. It is crucial that this barbaric practice be halted. Sign below and show your support for the innocent animals by demanding they be protected from the harmful industry.

End the Torture of Animals in Cosmetic Testing

Animal testing is one step closer to being illegal in Colombia. All that is left is for the Senate to pass the bill, which would prohibit the cruel act from taking place. Demand that animal suffering finally be put to an end.

Save Animals Apparently Abandoned in Zoo

Animals are reportedly starving after their zoo closed over two months ago. The staff apparently abandoned the animals without taking any precautions. Demand that the suffering creatures be taken to a safe place and their pain be put to an end.

Punish Alleged Seller Of Protected Wildlife Parts

An online seller was arrested after 47 pieces of protected wildlife were allegedly found in his house. The items included pieces of muntjac horn and skins of leopard cat, Asian golden cat, and clouded leopard. Demand that justice be served for these endangered animals.

Stop Illegal Trade of Giraffes

There are under 100,000 giraffes in the world and their number continues to decrease daily. The illegal animal trade has posed a great threat to the giraffe and other important species. Urge world leaders to help end hunting of these majestic animals.

Prevent Cruel Sale of Reptiles

Crocodiles and alligators are, once again, threatened. The importation, possession, and sale of the reptiles could soon be legal again. Take a stand against this cruel wildlife trade and ensure the safety of these animals.

Save Vaquita Porpoises From Disappearing Completely

There are currently less than 10 vaquita porpoises left in the world. The species is facing an enormous threat of extinction due to illegal gillnet fishing. Demand that these rare creatures be protected before it’s too late.

End Exploitative Elephant Races

The Buon Don elephant festival held every two years in Vietnam poses a great threat to the already reduced number of elephants in the country. Sign below and demand that appropriate measures be taken to put an end to this animal cruelty.

Ban Circus Performances that Exploit Animals

Starved, beaten, and confined: this is the current situation of most circus animals. Support the ban on animal use in circuses and demand that their suffering be put to an end.

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