Articles written by: Mariz Bartley

Help World’s Loneliest Frog Find Mate

The Sehuencas water frog is on the brink of extinction, with only one known to exist in the last ten years. Romeo, the world’s loneliest frog, hopes to find a mate through fundraising efforts and expeditions by scientists and Global Wildlife Conservation. Sign the petition below to urge Bolivia’s Ministry of Environment and Water to contribute to the cause.

Success: Shop Owner Held Accountable for Selling Endangered Animal Products

A San Francisco shop owner was sentenced to three years of probation, 500 hours of community service, and $3,599 in penalties for possessing and selling endangered animal products. Animals used included ocelots, jaguars, and snow leopards, which are endangered and threatened species. Thank District Attorney George Gascon for charging the offender and helping prevent more poaching.

Don’t Demolish Haven for Endangered Ocelots, Migratory Birds, and Butterflies

Trump’s wall in Texas will bisect and harm three wildlife refuges—the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, the National Butterfly Center, and the Rio Grande Valley State Park. The pilot project is planned at Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, destroying habitats for birds, butterflies, the endangered U.S. ocelot, the rare Texas cabal palm, and hundreds of plants. Let the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, know that building the wall in this area will harm an endangered species and hundreds of other living organisms.

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