Articles written by: Kendra Richards

Find Monster Who Skinned Kitten and Threw Another From Moving Car

A kitten had to be euthanized after someone cruelly skinned its tail while another was tossed from a moving vehicle. Both incidents are believed to have been committed by the same perpetrator, but police are refusing to act. Demand that police start doing their jobs and find this person before more innocent creatures are tortured.

Cat Hog-Tied, Set on Fire, and Thrown From Window–Demand Justice

A cat was hog-tied and attached to an explosive before being lit on fire and thrown from a car window. The cat, named Phoenix, later died from her injuries. Demand that the sadistic person who did this be brought to justice.

Justice for Horse Dead After Cop Reportedly Tied Him Up Without Food or Water

A horse died after a police officer allegedly tied him up and left him without food or water. The officer’s only punishment was not getting paid for one vacation day. Demand that this terrible injustice be reversed and the officer appropriately punished.

Puppy Skinned, Shot and Left for Dead on Road Deserves Justice

A puppy was dumped on the side of the road after being partially skinned and shot to death in a horrific case of sadistic animal cruelty. Demand that the person who did this be found immediately and brought to justice.

Dog Allegedly Lured Over Fence and Shot Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was reportedly lured over a fence and then brutally shot by a neighbor. A recording shows the man shooting the dog three times, according to police. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Beaten with Metal Rod

lara-by-marcos-lealA puppy was reportedly put in a cage and repeatedly beaten with a metal rod. This demented attack left the poor animal with a fractured skull and multiple other injuries. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this helpless puppy.

Justice for Deer Cruelly Stabbed and Suffocated by Poachers

starr-110715-7501-jasminum-mesnyi-habit-with-dead-deer-on-road-olinda-rd-makawao-maui-by-forest-and-starrA whitetail buck was stabbed multiple times and suffocated to death when poachers shoved the animal’s nose in the mud. The cruel people who did this can be seen celebrating after the killing. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent animal.

Dog Allegedly Kicked to Death by Delivery Driver – Demand Justice

img-0841-by-paul-copelandMilo the dog is believed to have been brutally kicked to death by a delivery truck driver. Milo was loved by an entire community, and he deserves justice. Demand that the driver be punished and fired, if guilty.

Punish Man Accused of Killing Donkey and Beating His Girlfriend

dead-donkey-by-goat-church-primeA man allegedly shot and killed a donkey after assaulting his girlfriend. Police say the poor animal was still alive, but died before help could arrive. Sign this petition to demand that this apparently violent, dangerous person be sentenced to the maximum extent for these senseless, violent crimes, if guilty.

Discipline Officer Accused of Abandoning Emaciated Dogs Left for Dead During Holiday

skinny-dog-by-push-play-productionsAn animal control officer is accused of refusing to help two dogs and an emaciated puppy who were left to die in an abandoned apartment during a holiday. According to reports, the officer had to be threatened with criminal charges before taking action. Demand that she be severely reprimanded if found responsible.

Justice for Puppy Burned to Death in Church Parking Lot

hykeem-dontavious-jabar-by-richland-county-sheriffs-officeA puppy was reportedly burned to death in a church parking lot. The poor puppy was rushed to an emergency vet, but died in agony from the severe injuries. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent puppy be given the justice he deserves.

Alleged Animal Abuse at Pig Farm Must Be Stopped

piglets-by-j-pPigs at a swine facility are allegedly abused and beaten with sharp objects on a daily basis. Multiple reports have been filed against this company, yet nothing has been done about it. Sign this petition to demand that the company be shut down for allegedly allowing the pigs to be beaten and abused.

Girlfriend and Cat Allegedly Tortured for Days Deserve Justice

jaw-by-mel-peffsA man reportedly beat his girlfriend and her cat for days. The cat required emergency treatment for severe head trauma and a broken jaw while the attacker’s girlfriend sustained a black eye and extensive bruising, according to police. Demand that these innocent victims get the justice they deserve.

Justice for Cat Nearly Decapitated and Violently Killed

defenseless-cat-by-makoto-shimokoshiA cat was reportedly murdered in a vicious attack that nearly decapitated the animal. Please sign this petition to demand that the cat’s alleged attacker be given the maximum penalty if found guilty of violently murdering this defenseless animal.

Justice for 10 Puppies Found Burned to Death in Kennel

all-snug-by-dean-searleTen puppies were found dead inside of a burned kennel. The person who cruelly tormented these innocent animals to death remains at large. Please add your signature to this petition to demand that authorities find the person who did this and bring these innocent puppies justice.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Stabbed to Death and Buried

death-of-a-dog-18-by-jan-glasA dog was allegedly stabbed to death by the owners who then buried the poor animal in the backyard. Sign this petition to demand the maximum possible sentence for the suspects, if they are found guilty.

Rescue Dog from Owner Convicted of Animal Cruelty

dog in cageMultiple animals, including a dead cat in a cage, were reportedly found locked in a shed without food or water. The owner, who was later convicted of animal cruelty, has been allowed to keep one dog. Demand that this dog be freed to a safe, loving home immediately.

Poodle Left for Dead in Trash Can Deserves Justice

the-im-almost-human-look-by-gabriela-talaricoA poodle was brutally abused and left for dead in a trash can. She was found clinging to life, despite sustaining severe injuries and a broken bone. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Animal Sex Video Suspects Must Be Harshly Prosecuted

sad-dog-by-christian-siedlerA dog was sexually abused on film by a married couple, according to reports. This defenseless animal was apparently sexually assaulted for sick entertainment and possibly money. Demand that the suspects be brought to justice, if found guilty of sexually assaulting this poor animal.

Justice for Abandoned Dog Suffering From Tumor and Maggots

bailey-in-a-noble-doggie-pose-by-mari-sterling-wilburA dog with a tumor and a maggot infestation had to be euthanized after someone cruelly abandoned her. This innocent animal could’ve been treated for her condition instead of left to suffer an agonizing death. Sign this petition to demand that the dog, named Honey, be given the justice she deserves.

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