Articles written by: Kendra Richards

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Strangled and Dragged Down a Driveway

A puppy was reportedly strangled and dragged down a driveway, causing him to suffer from injuries including multiple fractures as well as fluid in his lungs. The poor dog was reportedly coughing up blood from the alleged incident. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Punish Animal Shelter Employees Accused of Killing Hordes of Animals

Employees at a city animal shelter have reportedly been seen committing repeated animal abuse. A witness complaint was filed just a week after an alarmingly high number of cats and dogs were euthanized at the shelter. Please sign this petition to demand that the employees be fired and charged with animal cruelty, if guilty.

Justice for Innocent Hunting Dogs Allegedly Shot and Killed

Two innocent hunting dogs were reportedly shot and killed because they were chasing away the deer. Please sign this petition demanding that the men who allegedly killed them be punished and banned from ever owning animals in the future.

Teenager Accused of Twice Raping Family Dog Must be Prosecuted

A teenager is accused of having “marathon sex sessions” with his family’s dog. Reportedly, this comes only one year after he was previously charged with bestiality. The town, Warren, Ohio, is also the location of additional high profile cases of animal rape in recent years. Sign this petition to demand that authorities fully prosecute this teenager for his alleged crimes.

Director of Humane Society Who Reportedly Instructed Employee to Break Cat’s Neck Must be Punished

The director of a humane shelter allegedly had employees break a cat’s neck, claiming it as a form of euthanasia. This cruel and barbaric practice must not be tolerated. Please sign this petition to demand that the director be severely punished and permanently barred from working with animals in the future.

Police Must Stop Protecting the Illegal Killing of Animals in Ritual Ceremonies

Two police departments allegedly allow the illegal killing of chickens to take place for an annual religious ritual. The ceremony involves live chickens being swung around before they’re slaughtered. Sign this petition to demand that police not turn a blind eye to the illegal killing of innocent animals.

Man Accused of Strangling Dog Until Eye Popped Out of Socket Must be Imprisoned

A man reportedly admitted to strangling a small dog until his eyeball popped out of its socket and his body went limp. Demand that this man be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Officer Accused of Shooting and Killing Dog Must be Punished

Police reportedly shot and killed a dog during a home raid. The officers claim that the dog charged at them. Please sign this petition to demand that an investigation be conducted, and the officers punished if guilty of unnecessarily killing a dog in his own home.

Capture Burglars Who Stabbed Family Dog

Gracie the dog was stabbed multiple times by burglars in her own yard. The dangerous killers remain at large. Please sign this petition to demand justice for Gracie.

Severely Punish Man Who Allegedly Trapped and Burned Cat Alive

A cat was reportedly trapped, set on fire, then turned loose just so she would run home to her owner while burning alive. The poor cat had to be euthanized due to her injuries. Please sign this petition to demand that the apparent sadistic monster accused of this crime receive the most severe punishment the law will allow, if guilty.

Justice for Emaciated Puppy With Metal Collar Embedded Into Her Neck

A puppy was chained to a fence for so long that her metal collar embedded into her neck and caused an infection. She was found extremely emaciated. Please sign this petition to demand that whoever did this be found and brought to justice immediately.

Severely Punish Man Who Reportedly Stabbed Dog, Then Called the Owner to Brag

A man reportedly stabbed and killed his neighbor’s dog, then called and bragged about it. He appears to have thrown the body in a truck where it wasn’t found for weeks. The dog had multiple stab wounds and had apparently been struck with a sharp object. Sign this petition to demand justice.

Justice for 115 Dogs Reportedly Kept for Dog Fighting

Over 100 dogs were allegedly locked inside a home where they were being bred and kept for dog fighting. The owners are reportedly refusing to sign over the dogs. Please sign this petition to demand that these innocent dogs be given the justice they deserve.

Museum Must Stop Promoting Animal Cruelty with Dog Fighting Video Exhibit

A video of pit bulls trying to attack each other will be featured in an upcoming exhibit at a musuem. The video, which shows eight pit bulls on a treadmill, promotes the cruel practice of dog fighting. Please sign this petition to demand that this so-called “artwork” be pulled from the exhibit immediately.

Man With History of Animal Sex Abuse Must Face Prison Time

A man with a decades-long history of animal cruelty and sexual abuse, including killing animals, reportedly asked the court to release him under the condition that he receive hormone treatments. Please sign this petition to demand that this repeat offender not be allowed to escape justice.

Justice for Puppy Reportedly Locked in Crate Until She Starved to Death

A puppy was reportedly locked in a crate where she starved to death. The poor animal’s dead carcass was reportedly emaciated and covered in urine and feces, but the dog’s owner was only sentenced to one day in jail. Sign this petition to demand that this disgusting injustice be reversed.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Poisoned and Killed 13 Dogs

A man allegedly killed a over a dozen dogs by applying poison to a dead calf and leaving the poisoned bait out for dogs to eat. Witnesses say the dogs were bleeding and frothing at the mouth. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for 70 Dogs Reportedly Tied to Trees in the Woods and Left to Starve

Around 60-70 dogs were reportedly found tied to trees in a wooded area. The poor animals were starving and emaciated, said police, and the owner was previously charged for dog fighting. Please sign this petition to demand that the owner be severely punished and never allowed to own animals again.

Veterinary Nurse Convicted of Poisoning Her Dog for Attention Must be Punished

A veterinary nurse was found guilty of poisoning her dog deliberately by injecting insulin into the animal. The poor dog kept collapsing and having seizures, which required emergency treatment on multiple occasions. Sign this petition to demand the vet receive the maximum sentence.

Puppy Severely Mutilated and Abandoned in Woods Deserves Justice

A puppy was found stumbling out of the woods after apparently being severely mutilated. She had to be taken to a critical care unit to undergo surgeries for her wounds. Demand justice for this horribly abused dog.

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