Articles written by: Kendra Richards

Smiling Man Filmed Skinning Cat Alive Must be Found and Punished

A cat was skinned alive, and the man seen holding the poor animal in a photograph has yet to be caught. Demand that this sadistic, cruel person be brought to justice before more innocent animals are tortured.

Justice for Rabbit Mutilated and Killed in Video Posted on Social Media

A video shows a teenager shoot a rabbit with a BB gun before sadistically mutilating the animal with hedge clippers. Please add your signature to demand that the suspect is punished so this innocent animal gets the justice it deserves.

Stop People Who Are Mutilating Wild Rabbits’ Ears With Keychains

Wild rabbits are turning up with ear piercings and odd objects hanging from the piercings. Someone is targeting these innocent animals and cruelly piercing a hole through their ears, then hanging key chains and metro passes. Please sign this petition to demand that this cruelty be stopped and the people responsible harshly punished.

Punish Farm Workers Accused of Stomping on and Sexually Abusing Live Chickens

Workers at a chicken factory were reportedly caught mangling, stomping, sexually abusing and smashing live chickens against walls. The video footage obtained by an undercover volunteer apparently showed these horrific acts of cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that the factory be shut down and the employees severely punished, if found liable.

Justice for Cats Allegedly Forced to Fight Scorpion for YouTube Video

A YouTuber uploaded a video showing his cats being forced to fight a scorpion, which can be seen latching onto the cat’s mouth multiple times. Other videos also show animal cruelty, including one where the cat is held upside down by its arms and legs before being dropped. Sign this petition to demand that this YouTuber’s animal cruelty be stopped.

Justice for 20 Dogs Found Half-Dead and Chained Up In the Woods

Twenty emaciated dogs were found chained up in the woods, lying in their own feces and covered in fleas and ticks. Two of the dogs had to be euthanized. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals, who were forced to endure horrific conditions for no reason.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Ran Over and Purposefully Killed Family of Geese

A family of geese were crossing the road when a man allegedly swerved and purposefully hit them. Two baby goslings died and another had to be euthanized. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Men Accused of Forcing Baby Alligator to Drink Beer Must be Punished

Two men are accused of posting photos online that show them forcing beer down a baby alligator’s throat, and even blowing smoke into the animal’s mouth. Please sign this petition to demand that these men are harshly punished if found guilty.

Man Accused of Trying to Drown Dogs at Campground Must be Punished

A man reportedly attempted to cruelly drown his two dogs at a campground. Witnesses say they saw him drag the dogs into the water, where they could easily have died. Demand that these poor dogs get the justice they deserve.

Justice for Paralyzed Baboon Allegedly Left to Suffer in a Pool of Blood and Urine

A baboon, named William, was reportedly left neglected by zoo staff until he had to be put down. The zoo had been warned that William would need veterinary care, but they ignored it, according to the NSPCA. Please sign this petition to that William get the justice he deserves.

Justice for Two Poodles Thrown From Fifth Floor Garage

Two toy poodles were reportedly taken and cruelly thrown from a fifth floor parking garage. Only one of the innocent animals survived, but her legs are broken. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Capture Person Who is Setting Dogs on Fire

Two dogs were found having been set on fire, one with third degree burns all over her body. The second dog was found with mouth taped shut and legs bound. Their torturer is still on the loose. Demand that authorities find and punish this dangerous person.

Stop Dog Fighters From Owning More Dogs

A man with a prior conviction of animal cruelty was charged yet again when officers found 13 pit bulls, who had injuries consistent with forced animal fighting, in his home. He was also convicted of illegal possession of animals. Sign this petition to demand that this man receive the maximum punishment and a lifetime ban from owning animals.

Justice for Cat Reportedly Tortured and Killed by Neighbor

A man allegedly lured his neighbor’s cat into his home, then strangled and mutilated him before hanging the poor animal over their fence. Police say the man admitted to this sadistic act of animal cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that he receive a lifetime ban from owning animals and the most severe possible punishment, if guilty.

Harshly Punish Burglars Who Reportedly Poured Bleach on Harmless Dog in Cage

Two men reportedly burglarized a home and poured bleach on the homeowners’ dog, who was helplessly stuck in a cage. This innocent dog deserves justice. Please sign this petition to demand that the cruel, heartless people who committed this horrific act of animal cruelty be given the maximum punishment possible.

Man Caught on Video Punching Dog Must be Punished

A man was caught on video punching his dog repeatedly in the head before slamming her to the ground. The vicious attack occurred in broad daylight on a public street. Demand that the poor dog be rescued and her violent attacker brought to justice.

Justice for Puppy Cruelly Thrown From Balcony During Fight

A small puppy was allegedly thrown from over 30 feet in the air by a man who was arguing with his girlfriend. The dog survived, but her injuries, including a broken neck, a fractured pelvis, and cracked ribs, are severe. Please sign this petition to demand that this poor puppy gets the justice she deserves.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Duct-Taped and Tortured

A man reportedly wrapped his puppy’s mouth and legs in duct-tape after cruelly removing staples from her ears. It’s believed that he cruelly clipped the puppy’s ears at home. Sign this petition to demand he be banned from owning animals.

Cat Doused in Gasoline and Left to be Crushed in Garbage Truck Needs Justice

A cat was doused in gasoline, tied up inside of a bag, then tossed in a garbage truck to be crushed to death. Miraculously, her cries were heard right before she was crushed, but she was barely alive. Urge authorities to bring Miracle Maisy the justice she deserves.

Juveniles Who Admitted to Hanging Stray Dog Must Not Escape Punishment

A stray dog was allegedly hanged and killed by two juveniles who posted photos of the horrific scene on social media. Police seem to be excusing their behavior, saying they thought the animal was sick and going to die anyway. Sign this petition to demand that these animal killers be brought to justice.

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