Articles written by: Kendra Richards

Punish Repeat Offender for Allegedly Starving Dogs After Previously Being Charged for Dead Bear and Rabbit

A dead dog was reportedly found inside of a metal cage after starving to death, while 10 additional dogs were also reportedly starving and kept on short leashes without shelter. The owner has a history of animal cruelty charges stemming from an investigation where dead rabbits and a black bear were found in his home. Sign this petition to demand that this repeat offender be brought to justice.

Owners Who Cruelly Forced Dog to Drag Weights Must be Punished

A small dog was reportedly forced to walk with heavy weights attached to his feet. According to a witness who took photos of the incident, the owners were forcing the animal to struggle with carrying about 25 pounds. Please sign this petition to demand that the owners be charged with animal cruelty.

Horse Cruelly Hog Tied and Bleeding on Video Before Death Deserves Justice

A horse died after a video showed the poor animal hog-tied, bleeding and trying desperately to escape. The owner still hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent horse and that the owner be punished severely if found guilty.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Poisoned, Doused with Acid and Mutilated

A man allegedly maimed and disfigured his neighbors’ dogs after torturing them for months. He reportedly soaked the dogs in acid, burning their bodies and faces, and even gouged one of their eyes out. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Prosecute Man Accused of Raping Dogs

Two dogs had to be euthanized after the owner allegedly sexually abused them. Over 100 photos of bestiality were reportedly found in the owner’s home, some of which showed him sexually abusing the dogs. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Prosecute Woman Filmed Biting and Hitting Dog on Subway

A woman was filmed beating and biting her dog on a subway. After abusing the poor animal in front of witnesses, the police let her go with only a warning. Please sign this petition to demand that this woman be prosecuted and banned from owning animals.

Horrific Horse “Killing Field” Must be Shut Down

Dozens of sick and dying horses are being found in a “killing field.” Some are subjected to torture as their hooves are tied up, and rescuers say they find 20-30 dying, sick animals in single visits to the field. Demand that authorities put a stop to this disgusting cruelty.

Shut Down Chicken Producer After Video Shows Chickens’ Necks Being Snapped

Workers at one of the largest chicken suppliers in the U.K. were reportedly filmed treating the birds cruelly and leaving them to suffer long, painful deaths. The chickens had ammonia burns and were suffering from severe lameness, while hundreds of baby chicks were left to die in bins. Please sign this petition to demand that they be shut down immediately.

Woman Accused of Kicking Cat in Video Must be Brought to Justice

Aggravated animal cruelty charges have been dropped against a woman who allegedly kicked a kitten in a video that she then posted online. Demand that the innocent kitten be given true justice.

Justice for Horses and Farm Animals Allegedly Left to Starve

Multiple horses, chickens, and a pig were reportedly so malnourished and underfed that their bones were visible. Horses had already been taken from the same owners and put in rehabilitation, yet they allegedly continued to allow the rest to suffer from starvation and neglect. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Find and Punish People Shown Tasering Kitten in Snapchat Video

A Snapchat video reportedly shows two minors chasing down and repeatedly tasering a kitten. Authorities claim to have located the neighborhood where this occurred, and people have identified the minors in the video, yet nothing is being done. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent kitten.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten With Crow Bar and Dragged Behind Vehicle Deserves Justice

A puppy reportedly had his muzzle taped shut, was beaten with a crowbar, and then was tied to the back of a vehicle and dragged. He barely survived. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Justice for Hundreds of Cats Found Dead Inside Barrels

Ten barrels of dead cats were reportedly found, along with over 70 live cats. In addition, volunteers have reportedly already filled two trash bags full of dead cat carcasses found on the property. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent cats.

Pet Store Dogs Who Were Allegedly Sick and Neglected Deserve Justice

Puppies at a boutique pet store were reportedly found suffering from infections, open surgical wounds, bloody diarrhea, and pneumonia. According to an investigator, the animals weren’t even taken to a veterinarian when they were sick. Please sign this petition to demand that this boutique be shut down.

Shark Tied to the Back of Boat and Dragged in Video Deserves Justice

A video shows a shark, who had been tied to the back of a boat, being dragged at high speed. The poor shark was later ripped to pieces by two men. Please sign this petition demanding that these cruel people be found and brought to justice.

Man Accused of Stabbing Puppy for Taking Girlfriend’s Side in Argument Must be Punished

A man is accused of stabbing a puppy named Blue to death with a butcher knife because the animal always sided with his girlfriend when they argued. The bloody scene showed that the puppy had tried escaping the horror, but later bled out, say police. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent puppy be given the justice he deserves.

Demand Coca-Cola Stop Sponsoring Deadly Animal Cruelty

A steer’s neck was broken while being roped at a rodeo, which is sponsored by Coca-Cola, a company that claims to be against the sponsorship of animal cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that Coca-Cola stop sponsoring America’s oldest and largest cruel rodeo.

Pet Turtle Allegedly Stabbed and Barbecued by Cruel Man Deserves Justice

A man allegedly stabbed and barbecued a family’s beloved pet turtle. Police say the intent was purely malicious. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent turtle and the family who loved him be given the justice they deserve.

Justice for Puppy Put in Plastic Bags and Cruelly Tossed Into Garbage Can

An innocent puppy, tied inside of plastic bags, was found yelping from the inside of a garbage can. The dog had been thrown in the garbage and left to die an agonizingly slow death by a cruel man who has yet to be found. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this poor puppy.

Woman Accused of Allowing Starving Dog to Die in Feces Filled Room Must be Prosecuted

Two innocent pit bull puppies were so badly neglected that one died, according to reports. The puppies were apparently found lying lifelessly in their feces-filled kennels with nothing but a bowl of dirty water. Please sign this petition to demand that these innocent dogs get the justice they deserve.

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