Articles written by: Jennifer Schwager

Praise Closure of Cruel Animal Circus

A Shrine Club has decided to call off its annual circus due to increasing public condemnation of the use of animals for entertainment. Applaud this compassionate decision.

Hamster Tortured With LSD Deserves Justice

A video posted to social media shows a hamster allegedly being fed LSD and marijuana by two young men who then laughed at the terrified animal’s suffering. Demand that these men are punished.

Justice for Dog Dead After Being Left in Hot Car

A dog is dead after being left in a car on a blistering hot day. Demand that the person responsible is severely punished for their negligence.

Punish Owner of Farm Where 28,000 Hens Were Allegedly Neglected

Tens of thousands of hens were reportedly kept in cruel and cramped conditions, forced to live alongside the rotting corpses of their barn-mates. Demand justice for these hens.

Save Vaquita Porpoises From Extinction

The smallest and rarest porpoise in the world is at risk of imminent extinction. Demand that its habitat is protected.

Punish Man Accused of Burning Dog Alive

A dog was allegedly beaten and burned alive by a man who police suspect was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Puppy Thrown From Third Story Terrace Deserves Justice

A stray dog was thrown from a third story terrace, leading to a terrifying, painful death. Demand better protections for strays so this rampant abuse of animals can finally be brought to an end.

Release Abused White Tigers From Safari Park

White tigers are allegedly being beaten and otherwise abused by trainers at a safari park. Demand that the animals are released to an accredited sanctuary.

Justice for 63 Horses Allegedly Neglected

Over 60 horses were allegedly kept in neglectful conditions with inadequate food or water. Demand that those responsible are punished.

Justice for Puppies Left to Die in the Cold

Nineteen puppies were left outside in a cardboard box to freeze to death. Demand that the person responsible is found and punished.

Punish Men Accused of Participating in Cockfighting Ring

Several roosters were found with feathers missing from their necks and chests and wounds all over their bodies. Police suspect that they were forced to fight. Demand the maximum penalty for those responsible.

Success: Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus to End

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which has become notorious for the ill-treatment of captive animals, will finally be ending. Praise this decision, which will end the suffering of hundreds of animals.

Justice for Dog Found Starving and Left to Die

lex-the-dog-via-richmond-animal-care-and-controlAn emaciated dog was found locked in a crate, her fur caked with urine and feces. Demand that the owner is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Punish Person Who Left Nail-Filled Dog Treats in a Park

Dog-Dallas-FloerPieces of meat embedded with nails and wooden spikes were left at a popular dog walking spot. Demand that the person responsible is found and punished.

Ban Cruel Trapping on Public Land

800px-leghold_trap-via-robert-lawtonA dog recently died an excruciating death after being caught in a trap set out to catch wildlife. Demand that these barbaric and indiscriminate snares are banned.

Justice for Puppy Dragged Behind Truck

Puppy Sleeping by Hasmat AliA puppy sustained serious injuries after being tied up and dragged behind a truck. Demand the maximum possible penalty in this case of torture.

Praise Jail Time For Woman Who Kidnapped and Killed Elderly Neighbor’s Pet

husky-by-skeezeA woman will be serving jail time after kidnapping and killing her elderly neighbor’s pet. Applaud this tough stance against such a cruel crime.

Support Harsher Punishments for Animal Cruelty Crimes

dogandcat_by_RikkisRefugeAnimal cruelty crimes could soon be punished much more harshly thanks to a bill that would allow felony charges for first offenses. Support this law, which would help deter people from committing animal cruelty crimes.

Applaud Ban on Slaughtering Dogs in South Korean Market

dog-meat-by-maria-lyThe slaughter of dogs has been banned in Seongnam’s Moran Market, where 80,000 dogs are butchered for their meat annually. Applaud this move, which could be the first step in a nationwide ban on the sale of dog meat.

Punish Man Accused of Training Dogs to Fight

Dog Fighting by Lee D. BakerWhile responding to a tip about dog fighting, police found two pit bulls, a treadmill, and other dog fighting paraphernalia in a man’s home. Demand the maximum possible penalty if the man is found guilty of involvement with this barbaric blood sport.

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