Articles written by: Henry Hammel

Make Animal Cruelty a Felony in Mississipi

It is not a felony to commit animal cruelty in Mississippi. It only becomes a felony on one’s second offense. Sign this petition to stand behind a law that would this, and protect the animals of Mississippi.

Shut Down Company Accused of Beating and Kicking Pigs

Reports of pigs being brutally attacked by workers have surfaced out of a controversial facility. Sign this petition to shut the company down and hold the employees responsible.

Dog Found Abandoned and Starving in Her Own Feces Deserves Justice

Tanny the dog was found abandoned in a building, so weak from starvation that she could not even walk. Make sure the man accused of abusing this poor animal is held responsible.

Save Baby Polar Bears From Toxic Chemicals

polar_bear_cubs_in_the_snowbyusfwsBaby polar bears are exposed to more than 1,000 times the safe limit of toxic chemicals through their mothers’ milk. Sign this petition to save the polar bears.

Justice for 100 Animals Found in Squalid Conditions Without Adequate Food and Water

Pig Nick SaltmarshA woman was found with over 100 neglected animals in her home. She was arrested and charged with dozens of crimes. Sign this petition to ensure the prosecution of this alleged criminal.

Psychopathic Mass Animal Murderer Must be Found

dog-by-cooeeAlmost 20 animals have been discovered horrifically mutilated and killed. Demand that the person responsible for these heinous crimes be swiftly found and brought to justice.

Justice for Veteran’s Murdered Animals

several_turkeys_found_dead_mercyforanimalsA veteran in Florida has had his animals mutilated and slaughtered four times in the past year. Dozens of chickens, goats, pigs as well as dogs have been attacked. Please sign this petition to bring the criminals to justice.

Justice for Over 30 Malnourished, Mistreated Animals

animalscruelty_joshhAn Oklahoma man was arrested when police found over 30 neglected and malnourished animals from the community on his property. Sign this petition to ensure justice for the dozens of helpless, injured animals.

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