Articles written by: Heather Daley

Beloved Deer Shot in Front of Family Deserves Justice

deer-by-SandJLikinsA pet deer was brutally shot by wardens in front of the family who adopted her. Demand justice for this deer and her human family.

Find Brutes Who Abandoned a Cat Covered in Caution Tape

tomcat-covered-in-caution-tape-by-rscpa-london-south-east-branchA cat was found with his eyes, nose, and mouth covered in caution tape, leaving him at risk of suffocation or being hit by a car. Sign this petition to find and bring to justice those responsible for this cruelty.

Demand a National Ban on Shark Fins

sharkfinning-by-sebastianlosadaThe cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning should have been made illegal long ago. Rhode Island just passed a law to end this inhumane industry, and now the entire U.S. must act. Sign this petition to demand a nationwide ban on this irresponsible trade.

Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death by Trucks in Russia – Demand Justice

man-examining-bear-dying-after-being-hit-with-truck-still-from-video-posted-by-justdoitA graphic video shows two trucks running over a defenseless bear in Russia. As the bear suffers in the snow with injuries from the first attack, the drivers continue their assault until they kill the bear with their trucks. Demand justice for this tortured bear.

Find Thief Who Stole a Disabled Falcon from a Wildlife Rehab Center

american-kestrel-falcon-by-pete-markhamBuster, an American Kestrel Falcon, was stolen from a wildlife rehabilitation center. Buster was on a special diet that prevented him from living in the wild and requires him to be given special care. Sign this petition to demand that the police find Buster and return him to his worried caretakers.

Demand Justice for Wildlife Ranger Murdered by Poachers

Eastern-Lowland-Gorilla-Infant-in-Kahuzi-Biega-National-Park-By-Joe-McKennaTwo men were gunned down by a gang of wildlife poachers while protecting endangered elephants and gorillas. One man bled to death and the other was seriously injured. Urge the government in Cameroon to do more to protect these conservation warriors.

Kittens Cruelly Shaved by Scammer to Look Like Sphinx Cats–Take Action

screenshot-from-video-by-cbc-calgaryVlad the kitten was shaved by a scammer to look like a sphinx cat. As a result, Vlad almost lost his tail after it became infected from a wound he received from the barbaric procedure. In addition to Vlad, three other kittens were also shaved, leaving them covered in open wounds. Urge that the person responsible be caught before another kitten is abused for a dishonest profit.

Justly Punish Woman Accused of Slowly Killing Thousands of Pets

screenshot-of-dogs-that-were-put-down-video-by-elrefugiotvA woman accused of making over 2,000 animals suffer long, excruciating deaths just to save on drug and housing costs is facing a ridiculously small 4-year sentence. Sign this petition to demand that prosecutors seek a harsher sentence in this case.

Protect Endangered Orcas from Big Oil

orcas-jumping-from-water-by-christopher-michelThe last remaining orcas in the Salish Sea are in danger of being killed off due to a proposed pipeline expansion that would make their habitat unlivable, and increase risks of an oil spill. Sign this petition to tell Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to oppose this project and save these majestic creatures.

Stop Turtles From Being Eaten Into Extinction

Ben-Turtlesberger-by-Ryan-DingmanAmerican turtles are being harvested to feed the appetites of Chinese consumers. While many states have banned or restricted the collection of turtles, Louisiana still has very lax restrictions in place. Sign this petition to tell Louisiana to protect its turtle population.

Demand Justice for Beloved Cat Strangled and Tossed Over Fence

Caged-cat-by-bfishadowSomeone callously strangled Chica, an adorable pet tabby, and then tossed her body like garbage over a garden fence. The individual that did this is certainly capable of extreme cruelty. Sign this petition to ensure that the person responsible is apprehended and brought to justice.

Deer Hacked to Pieces in Quiet Village–Stop the Killing

Deer Photo Credit SkeezeHorrifically mutilated wild animal corpses have been appearing in public places in a quiet village. Urge the police to find and punish the twisted killer before they strike again.

Dog Buried Alive With Nail in His Skull Needs Justice

dog_by_liatitA dog was callously left to die in an unmarked grave after someone hammered a nail into his skull. Urge the police to find whoever sadistically killed this poor dog by signing this petition.

Men Torture and Stomp Off Head of Kangaroo – Take Action Now

kangaroo-by-memorycatcherFour men ran down a wild kangaroo, burned it with a lit cigarette, stabbed it repeatedly and beat it to death, all while recording the incident and then uploading it on social media. Sign this petition to demand justice for this poor, defenseless animal.

Justice for Puppy with Over 90 Air Rifle Pellets Lodged in Her Body

Australian-Shepherd-Puppy-by-Ted-Van-PeltA newly adopted puppy was discovered to have more than 90 lead pellets embedded into her body. Sign this petition to urge the police to find and punish the abuser who cruelly used this poor dog for target practice.

Mutilated Deer Found Dead With Fast Food Bag Over Her Head Deserves Justice

roe_deer_by_GellingerA mutilated deer was found after being brutally murdered by having her head caved in. The deer had a branch sticking out of her hindquarters and a fast food bag callously put over her head. Urge the police to quickly find the individual who committed this hideous killing.

Man Filmed Beating a Leashed Dog with a Bat Must be Punished

dog-hit-with-bat-screenshot-from-video-by-huddersfield-examinerA man can be seen on video repeatedly striking a leashed dog with a bat. Urge police to find this man and remove this helpless animal from his abusive care.

Protect Tigers from Being Killed by Gangs

Tiger Keven LawEndangered tigers are being hunted by mafia-style gangs for profit and status. Sign this petition to end illegal poaching and help protect this ferociously beautiful animal from being eradicated.

Remove Dog From Owner Who Allegedly Tattooed its Face

dog-by-theujulalaA tattoo artist posted pictures of his dog with tattoos in the sensitive areas of his ears, nose and next to the eyes. The artist claims that he believes that the markings will prevent his dog from getting cancer. Sign this petition to demand that his dog is taken away for his owner and that the tattoo artist is charged with animal cruelty.

Stop Violently Catching and Killing Dogs on “Paradise Island”

dogs-killed-republic-of-mauritius-screenshot-from-youtube-video-by-peta-ukDogs are violently rounded up and gruesomely killed on an island that tourists consider to be paradise. A video has emerged showing the horrific details of how the dog population is eradicated. Tell the government of Mauritius to stop the killing now.

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