Articles written by: Hannah Elizabeth

Don’t Sentence Canada Lynx to Extinction

The Trump administration wants to remove protections from the Canada lynx, leaving the species vulnerable to habitat loss and hunting. Conservationists believe that this may doom the lynx to extinction in the lower 48 states by 2100. Sign this petition to protect the Canada lynx.

Save the Critically Endangered Asiatic Cheetah

As few as 50 Asiatic cheetahs remain in the wild, and the U.N. is cutting funding for cheetah conservation. Sign this petition to save Asiatic cheetahs from extinction.

Demand Ivory Ban in the European Union

As many as 100 African elephants are killed by poachers every day, largely for their ivory. Sign this petition to demand that the E.U. ban the trade of ivory to protect elephants.

Success: Kiwis Taken Off Endangered Species List

Two species of kiwis have been removed from the endangered species list. Sign this petition to applaud New Zealand’s Department of Conservation for its extraordinary efforts to protect kiwis.

Save Bees with Science

Pesticides play a major role in declining bee populations, but are also necessary for food security. Scientists have a solution. Sign this petition to fund research for the development of bee-friendly pesticides.

Protect Critically Endangered Axolotl from Extinction

Only a few hundred axolotls are left in the wild. Sign this petition to urge the Mexican government to protect axolotls by reducing pollution and invasive species in their habitat.

Don’t Allow Killing of Endangered Wolves

Endangered grey wolves could soon lose their protections and be at risk of being hunted and killed due to new legislation proposed in Wisconsin. Sign this petition to uphold current protections for Wisconsin wolves.

Protect the Endangered Borneo Pygmy Elephant

Only 1,500 Borneo pygmy elephants are left in the wild; these elephants are severely threatened by habitat loss. Sign this petition to support rainforest preservation in Borneo.

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