Articles written by: Elizabeth Crozier

Require Pet Stores to Only Sell Animals From Shelters

Thousands of animals could be saved from unnecessary death if California requires pet stores to only sell animals from rescue shelters. Please sign this petition to support decreasing puppy mill sales and increasing adoptions for rescue animals.

Prevent Tiger Punching and Drugging at Animal “Sanctuary”

So-called tiger “sanctuaries” in China are often no more than fronts for the black market trade in tiger body parts. One location has been accused of breeding hundreds of tigers just so their bones can be used as the main ingredient in Tiger Bone Wine. This horrific practice must be stopped and tigers in China must be protected from abuse.

Save Bald Eagles from Lead Poisoning

The Trump administration is now allowing lead bullets to be used by hunters in wildlife preserves. As a result, bald eagles are being slowly poisoned to death by this lead introduced into their food chain. Sign this petition to demand that hunters not be allowed to use lead bullets in wildlife refuges.

Pressure Yahoo! to Stop Allowing Ivory Trade

Ivory sales continue to sky rocket, in part due to online auctions. Yahoo! Japan operates the largest one, yet its U.S. counterpart has done nothing to try to get the company to ban sales. Sign this petition to demand that Yahoo! use its power to stop this subsidiary company from participating in the ivory trade.

Starbucks: Act to Improve Farm Animal Welfare

Starbucks ranks shockingly low on animal welfare practices and reporting, despite marketing itself as a progressive company. Sign this petition to demand that Starbucks work harder to ensure its products are ethically sourced.

Stop the Export of Lion Skeletons

Though lions are an endangered species, South Africa has implemented an export quota of 800 skeletons when it should instead be working to preserve this amazing animal. Demand that a zero export quota be introduced instead.

Demand Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws After Cat Burned to Death

The potential punishment for a man who allegedly set fire to a cat does not fit his crime. Three and a half years does not serve the cat justice. Sign this petition to demand that Indiana lawmakers strengthen their animal cruelty legislation.

Roy the Horse Starved to Death But No Charges Brought Yet

skinnyhorse_extensionhorseA horse named Roy is believed to have been starved to death by his owner, but the district attorney’s office refuses to make the case a priority. Make sure no more horses are put in danger by Roy’s alleged killer.

Save Cheetahs From Imminent Extinction

cheetah_and_cub_zambogThe mass extinction of cheetahs has gone unnoticed for far too long and now animal conservation activists are asking that this species be added to the list of endangered animals. Sign this petition to demand that cheetahs are added to the endangered species list so that they can receive additional protections.

Cancel Amazon Prime Show Advocating Cruelty Against Animals

topgear_tonyharrisonDepictions of cruelty toward animals should not appear on our TV screens. Demand that Amazon cancel its new show after repeated use of animal carcasses.

Require Animal Abusers to Register Themselves

animaladoption_jocelynaugsutinoConvicted animal abusers may soon be required to place their names on a registry which animal control and shelters would have access to, thanks to a proposed new law. Demand that the governor sign this legislation.

Stop the Silent Extinction of Giraffes

giraffes_paulmannixGiraffe populations have decreased nearly 40 percent in the last 30 years. Sign this petition to demand that more attention be brought to this mass extinction before it’s too late.

Prevent Dangerous and Illegal Night Hunting

nighthunting_lovecatzNight hunting has both led to a decrease in wildlife populations and posed threats to members of society. Sign this petition to demand that more conservation officers be hired to patrol for night hunters.

Tell Pope to Denounce Bullfighting

bullfighting_stevendepoloBullfighting is one of the cruelest forms of animal abuse, and it is mostly practiced in dominantly Catholic countries. If the church were to speak out against this crime, it could save the lives of hundreds of thousands of bulls. Demand that Pope Francis make a public statement against bullfighting right away.

Improve Conditions at Allegedly Neglectful Humane Society

cageddog_erickpleitezAnimals at a Humane Society are suffering in allegedly neglectful and unsafe conditions while the president of the facility takes home a six figure salary. Demand that more money is spent on improving conditions and updating staff training.

Arrest Millionaire Accused of Trying to Set Dogs on Fire

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREA man allegedly tried to set fire to two dogs in his neighborhood, yet was not arrested. Demand that he be brought to justice immediately.

Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

wild turkeyTurkeys will be legally dropped from airplanes for spectacle at an annual festival. These poor animals will be kept in a noisy cargo hold and then tossed from 500 feet in the air. Demand that a stop be put to this horrendous crime against animals.

Denounce Blockage of Anti-Animal Torture Act

Harry ReidLegislation that would have allowed authorities to federally prosecute individuals found guilty of “crushing,” an extreme form of animal torture, has been blocked. Denounce this decision, which will cost innocent animals their lives.

Demand Maximum Punishment for Alleged Cat Killer

Orange TabbyMore than 20 cats have allegedly been abducted and heinously murdered by one man. Sign this petition to demand that he serve the full sentence for his wicked crimes.

Success: Convicted Animal Abuser Sentenced to Prison

Prison CellAn animal shelter worker who kept dogs in filthy conditions has been sentenced to a year in jail. Thank the judge who finally saved the animals who were under this man’s care.

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