Articles written by: Elizabeth Bowen

End Displays of Live Animal Cruelty at Museum

A museum in New York is set to open displays depicting animal cruelty for attendees to view live. Sign this petition demanding the museum close these displays immediately.

Save Hawksbill Sea Turtles from Extinction

Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles are killed every year by accident due to fishing practices and equipment used to harvest fish. Sea turtles get caught in the netting and on hooks used in the fishing industry. Sign this petition asking the IFAW to support innovative efforts that could drastically decrease these incidents and save the species.

Protect Cross River Gorillas from Extinction

The Cross River gorilla is nearing extinction with only 200-300 individuals left and scattered into 11 groups across 3,000 square miles. These factors ensure inbreeding as these groups have little chance of ever interacting. Sign this petition requesting the Nigerian government allow the facilitation of intergroup breeding and help ensure their safety from poachers and habitat destruction by logging companies.

Success: Foie Gras Ban Reinstated

A ban on foie gras in California has been reinstated by the The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The production of foie gras is a cruel process that sees feeding tubes shoved down birds’ throats. Sign this petition in support of the ban and mandate.

Horrifically Abused Dog Used as Bait for Fighting Deserves Justice

A dog named Wonder Boy was used as bait in a fighting ring and left to die. The person accused of this heinous abuse has not been charged with dog fighting and is a free man. Sign this petition demanding an investigation into the truth behind Wonder Boy’s horrific abuse.

End Dog Breed Discrimination

In many U.S. towns, dogs are discriminated against based solely on looks. Breeds such as American Pit Bull terriers are not welcome in many communities despite their long history of being the ideal family pet. Cities that allow the breed often require unrealistic and costly measures to isolate the dog from the rest of the community, and noncompliance results in removal from the family and death. Sign this petition to end dog breed discrimination.

Demand Steeper Penalties for Animal Abuse

The correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence, including child abuse is undeniable. When people in powerful positions refuse to pass laws that protect our animals, it effects the safety of victims of abuse, including children. Sign this petition requiring the support of Iowa bills that protect innocent animals in cases of domestic violence and child abuse and provide steeper penalties for those who abuse and neglect animals.

Harshly Punish Man for Stabbing Dog

An Iowa man reportedly stabbed his dog several times with a pocket knife and has been released from jail after posting bond. He has been charged with an aggravated misdemeanor. Sign this petition and demand that he receive the harshest penalty for his actions and be banned from ever owning pets again.

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