Articles written by: Cristina Tangreti

Free Isolated Whale Used in Research to Accredited Sanctuary

A marine park has allegedly been keeping a false killer whale in total isolation for nearly a year and a half. This whale has been used in research for decades and deserves to be free. Demand that the park release this poor whale to a reputable seaside sanctuary where she can finally have a taste of freedom.

Don’t Let Zoo Euthanize Elephant Who Isn’t Suffering

A zoo is reportedly planning on euthanizing an elephant infected with tuberculosis, even though the animal shows no signs of pain or suffering. Demand that the zoo give this elephant a fighting chance to live by signing this petition.

Stop Company From Sawing Through Live Lambs’ Throats

Undercover footage has revealed apparent animal cruelty and unethical labeling practices at a meat plant owned by the country’s largest lamb producer. Demand that the plant be investigated and penalized if found guilty of these alleged violations.

Seven Dogs Shot to Death and Left on Side of the Road Deserve Justice

Seven dogs were found on the side of the road with broken necks and gunshot wounds. Urge law enforcement to do everything in its power to make sure the person responsible for this heinous act is held fully accountable.

Protect Great Apes from Gruesome Body Part Trafficking

West Africa’s great ape populations are at high risk of extinction due to a sharply increased demand for their body parts. The trafficking of ape skulls, bones, hands, and feet is flourishing, but it cannot be allowed to continue. Demand that the president of Cameroon, where most of the trafficking is happening, do more to enforce anti-poaching laws and punish traffickers who take part in this illicit trade.

Protect Australia’s Waters from Illegal Whaling Practices

Japan has allegedly slaughtered a whale within Australia’s waters, violating a United Nations ban on international whaling. As of yet, Australia’s government has done nothing to prevent illegal whaling. Tell Australia’s Prime Minister to take action immediately on behalf of these magnificent creatures.

Justice for Tiger Allegedly Tied Down to Pose for Pictures

An endangered Siberian tiger is allegedly being tied down at a Chinese circus so that circus-goers can “ride” the restrained animal and pose for pictures. A degrading and miserable life in captivity is no life at all for a wild animal. Demand that the tiger be rescued and relocated to a sanctuary by signing this petition.

Remove Seal Meat From Menu at Food Festival

harborseals-abbeSeal meat obtained from Canada’s infamous seal hunt is set to be served at a Vancouver restaurant as part of a trendy food festival. Tell this business that the slaughter of innocent seals is unacceptable and that these animals should be removed from the menu immediately.

Stop Removing Dogs’ Hearts for Cruel Experiments

Greyhound-ReneeTellezGreyhounds are having their hearts ripped out in cruel scientific experiments. Help prohibit the use of these dogs in all medical and scientific research.

Ban Wild Animals in Circuses Nationwide

CircusCamels-RocketScientistWild animals are still abused in circuses in the U.K., despite overwhelming public support for ending this cruel practice. Demand a nationwide ban on the use of animals in circuses.

Justice for Dog Slaughtered With Ax

Dog-Dallas-FloerA dog was found buried in her backyard with ax wounds to her head and neck. Demand that the government vigorously prosecute the man accused of slaughtering this innocent animal and not just look the other way.

Protect Dozens of Cats From Potential Animal Hoarders

Kittens-RakotondramananaNearly three dozen cats were abandoned at an animal shelter, bringing the shelter’s tally of abandoned cats up to 130 in the past four years alone. The shelter suspects that a local animal hoarder may be responsible and wishes to help them. Ask for the local police department’s assistance in this matter.

Protect Endangered Chinook Salmon From Sport Fishing

chinooksalmonCalifornia’s Chinook salmon are on the verge of a crisis as the state’s drought continues to deplete their natural habitat. With water levels dangerously low, it is highly illogical that California is allowing the salmon to be fished for sport. Demand protection for this endangered species.

Protect Great Barrier Reef from Dangerous Microbeads

GreatBarrierReef_LockGateAllianceAustralia has not yet banned microbeads despite evidence that these tiny bits of plastic are bad for the environment and even worse for wildlife, especially that of the Great Barrier Reef. Demand that Australia do more to protect this fragile ecosystem by implementing a nationwide ban on microbeads as soon as possible.

Applaud Ban on Bullhooks Used to Abuse Captive Elephants

Elephant_McGinnElephants in California are now protected from bullhooks, a cruel weapon typically used to beat these animals into submission. This huge victory could not have been possible without the work of the state legislature and governor. Thank them for their efforts by signing this petition.

Justice for Dog Killed by Chemical Burns

Cockapoo_ConklinA couple’s beloved dog was tragically poisoned by chemicals during a routine trip to the groomer. The owners of this pet grooming business have decided to close their doors, but as of now they are not facing any criminal charges for the neglect that allegedly led to this poor dog’s untimely death. Sign this petition to demand that the local police department investigate this tragedy as an animal cruelty case.

Cancel Cruel Elephant Rides at Theme Park

Elephant_WangA popular theme park continues to host elephant rides. These elephants are rented from a notoriously cruel company that allegedly beats the animals with bullhooks and shocks them with electric prods. Urge the park to cut ties with this cruel company and end all elephant rides permanently.

Don’t Allow Pit Bulls to Be Unfairly Banned

Pit Bull_RK Photo BoothA recently-passed bylaw imposes restrictions on pit bulls already living in the city and prevents new pit bulls from residing there. These restrictions unfairly discriminate against this misunderstood breed. Tell the mayor to overrule the bylaw and stop discriminating against these loving, loyal dogs.

Stop Painting on Horses for Art Therapy

miniature horsesHorses are being painted on at a facility intended to rehabilitate young women recovering from trauma. The program’s intentions are noble, but it is not right to objectify animals for the sake of therapy. Ask the director to use a more respectful form of art therapy.

Cancel Cruel Shark Exhibit at County Fair

Shark and Diver_EimeA traveling shark exhibit subjects its sharks to the stress of travel, noisy crowds, and being poked and prodded by a diver. Urge county fairs to cancel this exhibit until the sharks’ treatment has been improved significantly.

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