Articles written by: Bill Sands

Denounce Japan for Killing Over 300 Whales

minke_whale_by_noaaHundreds of whales, many of whom were pregnant, were recently slaughtered by Japanese whalers in direct violation of an international court ruling. Demand strict punishment for these illegal murders.

“Farmyard of Horrors” Owner Must Be Punished

animal_abuse_battery_cage_by_compassion_over_killingOver 100 dead or dying animals were recently discovered at a home by authorities. Demand that the person responsible for this massive cruelty be punished to the full extent of the law.

Success: Nation Bans Trophy Hunting

kodiak_brown_bears_by_lisa_huppThe Romanian government has announced a ban on the annual killing of thousands of large carnivores through the closing of a legal loophole. Applaud this progressive effort to save innocent animals from a senseless death.

Success: African Grey Parrot Protected

african_grey_parrot_by_l-_miguel_bugallo_sanchezInternational trade of one of the most commonly traded birds on the planet–the African grey parrot–has just been banned due to fears of extinction. Applaud this commitment to saving this parrot’s dwindling wild population.

Applaud Massive Seizure of Illegal Elephant Ivory

curled_trunk_by_jackyrGreedy merchants allegedly involved in the illegal ivory trade have been apprehended in the largest seizure of ivory in New York history. Thank law enforcement officials for their diligent work in stopping these selfish and inhumane vendors.

Don’t Add Animals to Zoo Imprisoning “World’s Saddest Polar Bear”

polar-bear-by-tambako-the-jaguarA mall already notorious for imprisoning the “world’s saddest polar bear” has announced plans to expand their location and acquire other endangered species. Demand that these precious animals be spared a life of captivity in the confines of these cruel and inhumane exhibits.

Success: Thousands of Wild Horses Saved from Unnecessary Slaughter

Wild_Horses_by_BLMThousands of wild horses will be spared due to a government decision to cancel a plan that would have needlessly massacred them. Applaud the effort to work towards a more humane solution to control wild horse populations rather than simply exterminating these precious animals.

Save Critically Endangered Eastern Gorilla From Extinction

SONY DSCThe eastern gorilla’s status has been downgraded to ‘critically endangered,’ meaning it is only one step away from extinction. Demand that protections be put in place for these precious creatures before they are permanently exterminated.

Success: Giant Panda No Longer Endangered

Baby_Giant_Panda_by_fortherockThe giant panda population is recovering at a rapid rate thanks to government protection of the animals’ habitat. Commend the preservation of these valuable creatures and encourage further protection.

Save Elephants from Extinction

Curled_trunk_by_JackyRAfrican elephants are being hunted to extinction. Demand improved protections for these valuable creatures before they are permanently wiped out.

Stop Brutal Slaughter of Endangered Gray Wolves

Grey_Wolf_by_USFWSA pack of 11 endangered gray wolves is slated for execution because the animals have been preying on local livestock. Denounce this barbaric plan and demand that a more humane solution be found.

Success: Wild Cougars Return to Tennessee

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACougars have returned to Tennessee after being driven out by over-hunting and habitat loss. Applaud the rigorous environmental regulations that have allowed these precious creatures to not only survive, but thrive.

Success: Endangered Species Recovering at Record Levels

Grey_Wolf_by_USFWSEndangered species are recovering at a record rate thanks to proactive government protections. Applaud these extremely encouraging statistics and thank the officials responsible for protecting these vulnerable animals.

Punish Former Tyson Foods Workers for Allegedly Abusing Chickens

Florida_chicken_house_by_Larry_RanaA graphic video has surfaced allegedly showing workers punching, choking, and abusing chickens at a food plant. Although these individuals have already lost their jobs, such cruelty calls for further action. Demand that formal animal abuse charges be pressed against these vicious people.

Prevent Extinction of World’s Largest Mammal Species

Deforestation_by_DikshajhinganSeveral of the world’s largest mammals, including the tiger, elephant, and water buffalo, are in danger of being wiped off the earth permanently. Demand that action be taken to save these precious creatures.

Prosecute Man Accused of Killing ‘Pinky’ the Dancing Flamingo in Drunken Rage

Flamingos_by_Valdiney_PimentaA flamingo named “Pinky” has been euthanized after reportedly sustaining severe injuries at the hands of a drunken guest. Demand severe punishment for this cruel and senseless death.

End Shark Fishing Tournaments

Dusky_shark_seaworld_by_shishihengeBarbaric fishing tournaments cause countless shark deaths every year. It’s time to put an end to this violent tradition. Protect shark populations by demanding the immediate disbanding of such competitions.

Stop Government-Sponsored Poaching of Endangered Species

Hawksbill_by_AquaimagesThe Chinese government has been assisting poachers as they harvest and kill endangered species like giant clams and sea turtles. Demand an end to this state-sponsored slaughter.

Save Orangutans From Extinction

SONY DSCBornean orangutans are on the verge of extinction due to illegal logging and hunting. Demand that protections be strengthened for these valuable animals before they are lost forever.

Success: Students Arrested for Throwing Dog Off Roof

Puppy_on_Halong_Bay_by_Andrea_SchafferTwo men have been arrested after a video surfaced that allegedly shows them dropping a helpless dog from a rooftop. Applaud the swift punishment of these senseless and cruel individuals.

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