Articles written by: Alex Gansky

Success: Michael Kors Stops Using Fur

Famous designer Michael Kors has announced it will no longer use fur on its products. Countless animals are trapped within fur farms and face unimaginable horrors daily. Sign this petition and praise Michael Kors for no longer supporting this cruel industry.

Demand Zoo Accused of Abuse and Neglect Retire Animals to Sanctuary

A zoo with a long history of Animal Welfare Act violations allegedly continues to have problems with its animals’ mental and physical well-being. With no signs of improvement at the zoo, it is time these animals are moved to a sanctuary. Sign this petition to demand these animals are retired to an accredited sanctuary.

Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks

A museum is killing chicks just a few days after they hatch so a new batch of eggs can be put in the incubator. This museum claims this cruel practice teaches the public about life cycles. Sign this petition and demand the museum put a stop to the senseless killing of baby chicks.

Encourage Poland to Support Fur Farm Ban

Fur farms could soon be banned in Poland due to a new parliamentary bill. Every year, 8 million animals needlessly suffer and die in Polish fur farms. Sign this petition and urge parliament to support this new bill.

Demand Priceline Stop Booking Cruel Animal Attractions

A popular travel company continues to do booking with companies that exploit elephants. Elephants used for rides and other attractions are typically abused, neglected, and chained for extended periods of time. Sign this petition and demand Priceline stop supporting these cruel businesses.

Stop Exploiting Bear Cubs for Photos

A roadside zoo is allowing the public to handle and take photos with bear cubs. Forcing these young bears to constantly interact with humans is incredibly stressful and can lead to long term problems. Sign this petition to demand this zoo stop exploiting these bears.

Success: University Stops Starving and Gassing Lab Animals

Cruel research was being conducted on countless animals, in which the animals were reportedly starved for extended periods of time and then gassed to death. Thankfully, St. Mary’s University put an end to these barbaric experiments. Sign this petition and praise the university for ending the research.

Success: BCBG Bans Fur and Angora

Fashion giant BCBG has made the decision to stop selling products using fur and angora wool. Countless animals are trapped within these industries and face unimaginable horrors and death daily. Sign this petition and praise BCBG for no longer supporting these barbaric industries.

Success: Resort Ends Cruel Big Cat Show

A popular Las Vegas resort has finally dropped an inhumane big cat show. The owner of these cats has been cited for countless violations, including denying the animals exercise and forcefully declawing them. Sign this petition and praise the resort for ending its support of this cruelty.

Stop Killing Mice With Cruel, Inhumane Glue Traps

A university reportedly uses glue traps to control rodents despite knowing these traps are incredibly cruel. Animals stuck on these traps will resort to desperate measures to escape, including chewing off their own limbs. Demand the university look into alternative, more humane methods of rodent control.

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