Success: Law Requires Harsher Penalties for Animal Abusers

Target: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

Goal: Applaud that a new law will fight animal cruelty and implement harsher punishments for animal abusers.

An overhauled law in Pennsylvania will amend and clarify current animal abuse statutes and increase the penalties for people convicted of abusing animals, thanks in part to campaigns like ForceChange’s petition to bring “Justice for Animals Abused by Reptile Farm Owner.” Applaud that this animal cruelty prevention law will protect more innocent creatures and will provide harsher consequences for awful animal abusers.

The law, known as the Animal Abuse Statute Overhaul, increases protections for horses against animal cruelty, requires that abused animals are surrendered to a shelter if their abusive owner is convicted, mandates that dogs can only be left tethered outside for a maximum of 30 minutes, and provides civil immunity for veterinarians, veterinarian technicians, and humane society police officers so they are not sued for reporting animal cruelty.

On top of this, animal abusers will face more severe punishments, including the chance of being taken to court rather than simply paying a small fine. It’s vital that all animals, big and small, are protected to the fullest extent and that those who hurt them face real consequences. Applaud these expanded measures to prevent animal cruelty and ensure animals have happy, healthy lives.


Dear Governor Wolf,

Thank you for persevering in passing an expanded animal cruelty prevention law that will provide greater protections to a larger number of animals as well as give strict penalties to those who decide to hurt these creatures.

Much of the time these abusers don’t stop with animals and go on to commit other crimes. Animals deserve better, and we can do better to prevent pointless and horrific things from happening to animals. I hope you continue to stand up for animal rights.


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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Serial killers start out harming and killing animals. People who torture, abuse, neglect or kill animals deserve to be charged with a felony. These crimes against helpless, innocent animals needs to be taken more seriously. No more slaps on the wrist…..prison time, fines and psychological counseling should be a MUST!

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    THANK YOU, Governor Wolf! I hope all the other states follow your good example!

  3. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    It is a very tiny step up and for this I thank you, but please start treating EVERY single animal abuse case as if it were perpetrated against and small child. You already have those Laws in place along with the just punishments.
    We all know that 1 in 5 animal abusers move on to child and spousal abuse if not stopped early.
    By protecting the animals you are protecting the children and woman in our society. Thank you.

  4. Kathleen Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Not only should abusers be fined, they should be responsible for paying for the veterinary and/or rehabilitation costs of any animal that suffers at their hands. If they kill an animal, they should have to pay a fine that will show them you mean business, such as $5,000, to
    a local shelter, and they should receive several hundred hours of community service picking up garbage in the gutter, or something to mirror what they are…trash. When our laws become more stringent and the punishment is felt, these abusers Will hopefully think twice.

  5. Nooshin Perla says:

    NO DOBT, we need a harsh and sever law for these non human junk!!!!! Have no idea why we don’t have it yet. What are they eating for???? They need money and vote to do this OK we give you. GOD

  6. lynn woods says:

    when are the laws going to protect these sickos that abuse animals going to get harsher throw them into jail with a few animal lovers and see how they can deal with that they get away with too much and laugh about it and turn around and do it again they hurt or kill animals then they’;; do it to kids or people

  7. Every state in the US must have strong animal protection laws!

    Every country in the world must have strong animal protection laws!


  9. Something needs to be down now

  10. Bravo for protecting our furry children. I say mandatory 5 years in prison for animal abuse.

  11. Thank you Governor Wolf for implementing a stricter sentence for animal abusers.
    Animals are like children in that they don’t know better and they are innocent. Like children most of them look up to us and rely on us to take care of them. Like children they want to be able to trust us. Like children they love and seek to be loved genuinely. And so given how they are so much like children – in those aspects I’ve mentioned – animal abusers should face the same type of sentence child abusers face. It is so sad that specicism greatly exist. Everywhere around the world animals do not get the respect they deserve. Humans are deemed above animals and many people believe that just because of that animals aren’t that important and so do not deserve the respect as we humans deserve. Because of that any animal abuse is treated like “O well” like it doesn’t matter. And because people not treating animal cruelty as a serious issue they do not think of implementing serious consequences for animal cruelty and so more and more people abuse animals because they know they can get away with it. Well IT DOES MATTER! And for that SPECICISM SHOULD BE SQUASHED! Any breathing life with a central nervous and immune system which ofcourse includes all animals are entitled to respect. And respect includes not abusing them. In that case animal abuse should be considered a serious issue. Because of people not seeing animal abuse as a serious issue they have not implemented rules to end animal cruelty.
    Well it’s more serious then we all want to think. Animal abuse have gone rampaged ALL OVER THE WORLD and for that reason I feel it is crucial to help end animal cruelty that the law of “animal abusers to be sentence the same way a child abuser is sentence” be implemented IN EVERY STATE OF AMERICA AS A START AND EXAMPLE FOR ALL COUNTRIES TO FOLLOW.

  12. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY—throw the MONSTER-IDIOTS in jail — We must ensure these imbeciles stay away from animals in every way — the depraved indifference & abuse inflicted on trusting, vulnerable animals is telling of unconscionable, depraved, insane, sadistic & merciless humans –PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE–We do NOT want repeats of these crimes-EVER

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