Success: Apartment Complex Stops Cruelly Killing Squirrels

Target: Manager of Tanglewood Apartments

Goal: Praise Tanglewood Apartments for no longer using traps to kill squirrels as a means of population control.

Tanglewood Apartments in Indiana had allegedly been setting up cruel “body-gripping traps” around the complex to kill off squirrels. Thankfully, the traps have now been taken down and the squirrels have nothing to fear.

Not only is trapping and killing incredibly inhumane, but it is also an ineffective method of population control. Mass killings lead to an increase in resources which leads to more breeding and an increased population. In addition, traps can kill non-target wildlife including endangered species. Thankfully, petitions like this one at ForceChange were signed and sent to help those who cannot speak for themselves.

Sign this petition and praise the apartment complex for making the compassionate choice to no longer harm these innocent animals.


Dear Manager,

Recently, Tanglewood Apartments took down its “body-gripping traps” that were being used to kill squirrels as a means of population control. Thank you for making this compassionate change.

Not only is trapping cruel, but it is also ineffective. A sudden drop in population leads to increased resources which leads to more breeding and an increased population. Trapping can also kill non-target wildlife including protected species. There are many other cruelty-free methods of population control and I encourage you to look into these ways.

Thank you for listening to the public’s concerns and taking down these torturous traps. Squirrels are gentle creatures that mean no harm and should not be treated so terribly.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: likeaduck

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    As my inbox continues to get filled with petitions I am increasing heartbroken to see what
    people do to animals. It seems these horrible crimes are on the rise and those are just the ones we know about. We need to be more proactive, focus on the real problems with animal cruelty and fight to change the animal cruelty laws nationwide.

    My position on petitions is that they do little good if anything. It is easy to start a petition and you can start one with little effort while sitting at home having coffee. I don’t condemn the people that use petitions, it”s just that they are after the fact and ofttimes do no good at all.
    Alot of the petitions I do get are outside the U.S. and have no hope of being addressed.
    We should contact our local animal organizations to see hat is being done to animals locally and learn what we can do to help.

    People can be really cruel to each other and one can do something about that but, what about animals ?! They depend on humans for all their needs and when those needs are not met what is the recourse ?! People that mistreat animals will most certainly mistreat humans as well. The serious problem with animal cruelty is that most times it goes unpunished. The way we can get to the core of the matter is by changing the laws.

    Most states have animal cruelty laws on their books. The problem is they are not harsh enough and offer no deter-ant. Some states have laws that the first offense (leaving the animal outdoors in freezing cold, no food/water, etc) are just misdemeanors and usually just end up with a fine.
    There has to be a nationwide campaign to make all animal cruelty/abuse/neglect, for all animals
    a felony. Perhaps if these laws were changed people would think twice before abusing an animal. There are obstacles to getting laws changed eg’ (New York, animal cruelty/abuse is under Agriculture and Merchandising not penal law). First you have to get it moved to penal law then fight to get the law changed.

  2. Graciela Hernandez says:

    Great action everybody need to follow their lead

  3. You shouldn’t say thank you for doing the right thing. Killing helpless defenseless animals is cruel and it is WRONG!

  4. annie vallet says:


  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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