Cancel Rodeo Event That Rips Tails Off Bulls

Target: Jefferson County, Colorado local government

Goal: Stop the cruel “coleadero” event in which bulls experience broken or dismembered tails.

A coleadero, also known as steer tailing, is an event in which a bull is tortured and pulled by his tail until he rams into the ground. Jefferson County is one of the only locations in the United States that has hosted a coleadero and it sounds like another one may occur if steps aren’t taken now to ban the practice. Animal suffering should never be considered a form of entertainment. It is time to permanently stop this unnecessary cruelty by passing a law banning this sick practice.

During the event, a man on horseback chases a bull while he twists and distorts the bull’s tail to try to force the animal into the ground. The bull’s tail often breaks and sometimes is even dismembered. The bulls are not the only ones in danger during this event. Horses often get injured due to the high chances of painful collisions and getting bucked by the bull. The animals are often left to suffer with no form of veterinary care.

Sign this petition to demand that Jefferson County pass a law to permanently ban this cruel event. This event shows some of the ugliest sides of humanity, and it is time to stop abusing animals for entertainment.


Dear Officials,

A coleadero has taken place in your county and may occur again soon. During a coleadero, a man on horseback chases and terrorizes a scared bull. The cowboy will yank, twist and distort the bull’s tail until the bull runs himself into the ground. The tail often breaks and sometimes is even dismembered. This is animal cruelty.

Please put an end to this cruel event by passing an ordinance banning the practice. Animal suffering should not be considered entertainment, and it is time to stop this unnecessary cruelty.


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Photo credit: Ingo Joseph

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  1. These sobs need to have their penis’ ripped off so they can feel the excrutiating pain that they inflict on these innocent animals. What the hell is wrong with you idiots.

  2. So awful:( those poor animals. I hope it stops.

  3. animal abuse is wrong for all animals

  4. Barbaric inhumane treatment. This needs to be stopped immediately.

  5. What is wrong with people you thought it was Bob Barrett back in the days for for men to fight men to the death or women to be put out there just for sport it’s the same thing with animals I just don’t understand how that kind of Cruelty or any other cruelty to animals that goes on like this can be considered a sport there’s no sport to it or where you get the fun in that what fun is it to torture an animal what fun is it to do the things that humans do two defenseless animals if they bite us you kill them but that’s their only form of Defense what’s wrong with us what’s wrong with you people I really believe that God will punish all that hurt his hurt his creatures I really believe that I have to because too much happens that is just so cruel I can’t handle it

  6. Please stop

  7. Anna Salas Salas says:

    Stop this shit now animals are made to be loved not harmed stop the attacks on the animals

  8. Robert Stacey says:

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, COLORADO: This “coleadero” teaches and promotes violence and disrespect. We don’t need any more of this in our world. We have to teach our kids better than this. Be honorable and heroic and put an end this cruelty and suffering of these animals.

  9. Protect these animals.

  10. Anabel Haggarty says:

    Dear Jefferson county officials,
    Why don’t you let them do this to you or your kids then see how you feel about you like it then you fucking twisted pieces of shit!!!!!

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