Success: Woman Who Duct-Taped Dog’s Mouth Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty


Target: Mark Martin, Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court

Goal: Praise conviction of woman who cruelly duct-taped her dog’s mouth shut and posted a picture of it on social media.

A woman who was accused of duct-taping her dog’s mouth has been punished by the law, thanks to the general public and the ForceChange community calling for justice for the poor animal. Katherine Lemansky, who goes by “Katie Brown” on Facebook, had shared a photo of her chocolate lab on the social media platform with a caption reading, “This is what happens when you don’t shut up.” She then admitted to taping the dog’s mouth closed but called the incident a “joke.”

Lemansky has been allowed to keep her dog but has been given a 60-day jail sentence, suspended for a year of supervised probation, and will be made to pay court fees. This sentence goes a long way in showing that animal cruelty is not a joke and should not be taken lightly by the law. This will hopefully serve to dissuade other potential abusers who might think it acceptable to subject animals to suffering for their entertainment.

Sign this petition praising the decision to find this woman guilty of animal cruelty and sentence her to jail time on supervised probation.


Dear Justice Martin,

We gladly received the news that Katherine Lemansky was found guilty of animal cruelty for duct-taping her dog’s mouth shut. Lemansky posted a picture of the cruel incident on Facebook, which caused an uproar from social media users denouncing the abuse. She admitted to taping the dog’s mouth closed but called it a “joke.”

Thank you for finding this woman guilty of animal cruelty and giving her a 60-day jail sentence, suspended for a year of supervised probation. This will serve to dissuade other would-be abusers from subjecting animals to suffering for fun and proves that animal abuse is not a laughing matter and is severely punishable by law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Katherine Lemansky


  1. E. Cambridge says:

    A suspended sentence? Suspended for a year of supervised probation? IMO, this penalty wasn’t severe enough and sends out a strong message that the consequence of animal abuse is a light slap on the wrist.

  2. Tony DeLia says:

    She gets to keep the dog? Are you sh**ing me? I would not call this a verdict to cheer.

  3. Margo Rocha says:

    This is no success! She shouldn’t be able to keep her dog.

  4. Sara Smith says:

    I agree with the above comments. Hardly a success.

  5. Gerald Bowman says:

    Outrageous…just shows that idiots are not only limited to owners but the system (judges, police etc.) that tolerate this crap.

  6. carol miller says:

    I can’t believe this. This is no punishment and was just done to make people that care think the justice system is fair. This is no success at all. I would have made this BITCH walk around with duct tape on her mouth for a year and with a sign that says –I ABUSE ANIMALS!!!!

  7. Rose Chludzinski says:

    I can’t believe this!!!! LETTING her keep this poor dog, ‘suspended’ jail time???!!!! Where is the justice??!!! I like Carol m’s idea.

  8. Laurie Petrey says:

    That poor dog are they waiting for something worse to happen to the dog give me a break this is so upsetting giving the poor thing back.

  9. Margaret aldridge says:

    A year suspended jail sentence AND she gets to keep the dog! What a farce, is this their idea of punishment? Stupid fools. ???
    I hope those that know this POS can dish out some proper punishment and ‘rescue’ the dog to the other end of the country.
    Mark Martin, you get no praise from me!

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