Success: Justice Obtained for Murdered and Neglected Pit Bulls


Target: Mark Holzman, Chief of Greenville Police

Goal: Praise the police department’s animal control unit for bringing alleged animal abusers to justice.

A horrific case of animal neglect was discovered in North Carolina when Ismel Davis and Yolanda Parker’s pit bulls were found in a state of severe malnourishment, with one of the animals already dead from lack of food and water. One of the dogs would die later as a result of the neglect.

The surviving animals were rushed to a medical care facility where they were found to be infested with parasites and suffering from starvation and dehydration. Following a period of public outcry that brought additional attention to this urgent issue, including a widely circulated petition at ForceChange demanding punishment for the alleged abusers, the criminals were brought to justice by the Greenville Police Department and are currently both serving sentences in jail.

Ismel Davis and Yolanda Parker have been arrested. Each has been charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty and two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. Both are now incarcerated at the Pitt County Detention Center, Parker having turned herself in following the filing of charges. Davis was already incarcerated at the time of the warrants’ serving, being held for unrelated charges.

The surviving abused and neglected pit bulls are being rehabilitated by the Greenville Police Department’s animal control unit and are expected to recover and flourish. The police department hopes that a rescue will take the dogs in and find appropriate, loving homes for both of these animals. Commend the Greenville Police Department’s Animal Control Unit for pursuing justice against abusive pet owners and for rehabilitating and caring for two severely abused animals.


Dear Chief Holzman,

Recently, your department investigated a case of animal abuse involving four pit bulls, two of whom died as a result of their owners’ negligence. The public responded with outrage and demanded that the perpetrators receive appropriate punishment for their crimes. Your department ensured that both offenders would pay for their cruel treatment of their former pets.

We, the undersigned, commend the Greenville Police Department for providing swift justice in a sensitive and grave situation. Your department’s serious attention to this devastating case of animal cruelty sends a strong message to others who might consider neglect or abandonment as a method of dealing with pets who have become inconvenient. Thank you for taking a stand against animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ildar Sagdejev


  1. Mary-Frances Ellis says:

    Great job by the police department. This is exactly what needed to be done. Thank you for helping these dogs. You set an example for all police departments to learn from.

  2. An efficient police department in Greenville, SC, compassionately taking in the neglected/starved/mistreated pit bulls and doing rehabilitation with the dogs. That’s quite a step above and beyond duty. Bravo!

  3. An eye for an eye is required.Only the death penalty for these repulsive POS animal abusers is appropriate.

  4. thank you Mark Holzman and the police dept. animal control for arresting and
    punishing these abusers. Make an example of them. They need a public beating so everyone can see what abusers get.

  5. Todd Fletcher says:

    These POS need a major beat down!!!!!!!!

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  7. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth who deserve our respect and protection and I thank you Chief Holzman and staff for taking the time to obtain felony convictions against the perpetrators of this crime. It’s about time someone of authority crack down on those who choose to torture and murder animals…

  8. Beth Knalfa says:

    Continue to PROSECUTE ANIMAL ABUSE in any way necessary to the trash of society that inflicts cruelty upon the innocent.

  9. Thank you for taking this case – horrific abuse to animals — seriously. — This is the way to go, esp. since we do NOT want repeats of such horror done to our animals, who deserve love, care, comfort, respect. Once again, thank you so much.

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