Success: Retailer Commits to Stop Selling Eggs From Caged Hens


Target: Tom Daunt, CEO of Aldi Australasia

Goal: Praise decision to stop selling eggs from caged hens, yet urge that the transition to cage-free eggs is sooner than 2025.

A major food retailer has decided to phase out caged eggs, but this move will take nine years. Thanks to a compelling campaign by consumers and organizations, including ForceChange, the Australian branch of supermarket chain Aldi has decided to stop selling eggs from caged chickens. Unfortunately, these cruel products will be slowly phased out over nine years. The company claims this is because transitioning to cage-free is complex, however several other large retailers in the country have already made the move.

While chickens are needlessly exploited in all variants of the egg industry, caged chickens suffer especially brutal conditions. They live their entire lives confined in tiny and filthy wire cages where they cannot even spread their wings. They never see the outdoors and often succumb to stress or injuries. Like all other chickens raised for their eggs, they are painfully debeaked and sent to slaughter once their production wanes. Moreover, all male chicks are gassed or ground alive because they are of no use to the industry.

Sign this petition urging Aldi to move much faster on this urgent matter and drop caged-eggs immediately, while also working towards phasing out all cruel animal products.


Dear Mr. Daunt,

We gladly received the news that Aldi Australia was banning caged eggs. However, nine years is far too long to wait for this urgent move. This means nine more years of your company actively supporting the incredibly cruel abuse of chickens confined to tiny wire cages in which they cannot even spread their wings.

We urge you to instigate this ban immediately, rather than wait for 2025. Chickens suffer terrible conditions in the egg industry, even when they are apparently “free-range.” Often they never see the outdoors, have no space to exhibit natural behaviors, are painfully debeaked and still sent to slaughter when they no longer produce enough eggs. Additionally, the industry gasses or grinds alive all male chicks, as they are not considered profitable.

Other major retailers such as Woolworths have already made the kinder switch. Please instate an immediate ban on caged eggs, while also working towards banning all cruel animal products from your stores.


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  1. Beth Knalfa says:

    9 years ?????

  2. Mr. Daunt, thanks for deciding against caged eggs, but: WHY wait that long?? Do not think, Aldi in my home country (Germany) still sells caged eggs. Wonder if they are available at all and find it disturbing to probably eat them in food preparations. You will not have contracts with “caged-eggs-farmers” for the future 9 years??!! Please decide for cage-free eggs immediately. Thank you!

  3. There is a much bigger statement being made by Aldi in that this will take NINE YEARS to enact?! So this is really important to them? I don’t think so! This must be done immediately! Over nine years a lot of chickens will be inhumanely treated & abused!! Aldi can be a part of the solution to stop that! Don’t wait do this nwo!

  4. Nena Miller says:

    just do it now you are just biding your time as hens suffer unbelievably.

  5. Natasha polychuk says:

    now not 9 goddamn years!!!!!!!1

  6. Sophie Debbane says:

    No time like the PRESENT – not 9 years!

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    It needs to be NOW, not 2025!!! ?
    Signed & Shared.

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