Success: Bull Stabbing Festival Banned

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Target: Alicia Garcia Rodriguez, Counselor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for Castile and Leon

Goal: Thank the government for banning the barbaric bull stabbing festival.

Every fall, the Toro de la Vega festival is celebrated in Tordesillas, Spain. During this festival, a lone bull is chased, tortured, stabbed, beaten and eventually killed by a group of men on foot and on horseback. The men are equipped with weapons including darts and spears.

Thankfully due to protesters and petitions like the one at ForceChange, this barbaric festival is now a thing of the past. Festivals like this one are common throughout Spain, however the tide is turning and more and more of these events and festivals are being banned.

Sign this petition and thank the government for putting an end to this awful festival.


Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

For years, the Toro de la Vega festival has been celebrated in Tordesillas, Spain. This festival was celebrated by men on foot and horseback chasing, beating, torturing, stabbing and eventually killing a lone, scared bull. The event was absolutely barbaric and showed some of the worst sides of humankind.

Thankfully, the event is now banned. It is great to see inspiring changes happening throughout the world. Thank you for banning this festival and saving countless bulls from unnecessary pain and agony.


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  1. Gerard FABIANO says:


  2. val gaffney says:

    Allof these barbaric events should be banned but at least this is a start

  3. Todd Fletcher says:

    Spain sure have a lot of dumb ass pos folks that could not ass from a hole in the ground!

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Great news!


  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  7. corina schvindlerman says:

    For your information: Unfortunately it was not banned. The governor informed they decided that the bull would not be killed at the end of the struggle, but he can be hurt all the festival long. It was just a political act, not a fair decission.

  8. Bev Woodburn says:

    The heartless and callous events committed against helpless bulls in Spain should have been banned years ago. These helpless bulls and the unimaginable torture and suffering they endured was clearly sadism and evilness at its worst.

  9. Bev Woodburn says:

    What heartless and vile monsters these monsters were. They should die in agony the same as all the innocent and helpless bulls they have tortured to death.
    Absolutely sickening and unforgivable.

  10. Sophie Debbane says:

    IF this event stay takes place, then the information provided is misleading and deceitful. I can’t sign this petition of success since I am not convinced the bulls are not used or subjected to cruelty or torture.

  11. It is definitely a right move to ban such cruel activities and events. No animals deserve such mistreatment. Good job Spain!!!

  12. Nathalie Billiotte says:

    It’s a fake ! These barbaric practice are unfortunately not banned.
    The governor decided that the bull would not be killed at the end of the struggle, but he can be hurt all the festival long.
    It was just a political act, not a fair decission.
    Please, don’t visit spain and continue to argue against these stupid traditions !

  13. Thank you, Thank you — there IS a God! — Reason, rationality, compassion, mindfulness have taken over — thank you.

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