Success: County Animal Shelter Manager Resigns

Target: Animal advocates and supporters in Maricopa County.

Goal: Applaud resignation of Maricopa County Animal Shelter’s Assistant Manager after murdered family dog allegations.

Earlier this year, a family dog escaped and was brought in to the Maricopa County Animal Shelter. The dog, Roxie, was 22 years old and had a large tumor growth on her side. Instead of following procedure by contacting the family or waiting 72 hours before deciding to euthanize the animal, the shelter waited only an hour. It was determined that the dog was “in pain and having difficulty breathing,” but doesn’t explain why the shelter could not wait long enough for the family to see their beloved pet off. The community was in an uproar and petitions sprang up, including one here at ForceChange demanding justice for Roxie.

Criticism of the shelter’s practices ran rampant, and it has come to light that this instance was not the only questionable decision made by the shelter. Volunteers, private vets and animal rescue workers complained that the veterinarians at Maricopa Animal Shelter have been operating without regulation. These individuals accused Silva of turning a blind eye to “mistakes and botched operations that led to the deaths of hundreds of animals in county care.” These claims are no small matter and just one more black mark against Rodrigo Silva.

After all of this negative backlash, Rodrigo Silva resigned from his post after the County Director left his. While no comment was left by Silva regarding the situation with Roxie, all that matters is his questionable practices can be swept away with him. After so many years he is finally being held accountable for his decisions and policies. Applaud the activists who pressured him to step down from a position that he has proven himself incapable of managing.


Dear animal advocates in Maricop County,

Recently, Maricopa County Animal Shelter came under fire by activists, pet owners and the local community for its decision to euthanize a 22-year-old dog. Other allegations rose to public awareness soon after this. Under the barrage of negative attention, I would like to thank you for pressuring the Assistant Manager to stop down from his position.

While Assistant Manager Silva may not have been directly responsible for the actions of the vet who euthanized Roxie, his policies contributed to this tragedy. Progress can’t be made and conditions for animals at Maricopa County Animal Shelter improved until people like this are held accountable. Thank you for organizing to pressure Mr. Silva to stop down.

Again, thank you for taking responsibility.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: KPHO/KTVK

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  1. Lawren Rudley says:

    He should never have contact with another precious animal for the rest of his pathetic lite

  2. Rita Campbell says:

    It’s ridiculous to thank these low-life people who weren’t doing their job properly in the first place.
    This is the first petition ever that I won’t sign.
    It should be retracted.

    • So right Rita, no way this monster should be thanked, There are too many psychos with jobs involving animals. A good flogging is what I would recommend. This petition should be taken down. No way I’d sign this stupidity.

  3. Tony DeLia says:

    Good God, what the hell is wrong with you Jessica Brasher? Are you a child? WE ARE SUPPOSED TO THANKS THIS POS WHO MURDERED THOSE ANIMALS?

    Animal Petitions is a pretty naive group of letter writers but this really takes the cake.

  4. Tony DeLia says:

    How do we start a petition to remove people with the inability to think from Animal Petitions?

    Jessica Brasher, I promise to write you a letter thanking you for your resignation from Animal Petitions when it occurs and I look forward to your hasty departure.

  5. Jessica Brasher are you for real?These jerks should all have their employment terminated. It should be mandatory policy and procedure.There is no reason to thank them for killing a poor senior much loved dog.

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