Don’t Let Mexican Gray Wolves Disappear Forever

Target: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Prevent the extinction of the imperiled Mexican gray wolf.

*This petition is in collaboration with Care2, thereby allowing all signatures to appear in a single location.

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  1. michael guest says:

    No more hunting or slaughtering of wolves. They have suffered and in danger of near extinction. We can’t let this happen. Please keep them protected and let them roam free! Save the Wolves.

  2. Веяроника Ярыгина says:

    Сохранить волков для будущего поколения!Нет убийству волков!!!!!

  3. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  4. Please this has to stop what future animals will future genaration have? Shame on those humans.

  5. Danielle Hollinger says:

    Everything has a right to live!!!

  6. Anne Lambert says:

    Balance is important in anything. The balance of our land requires all forms of top predators for balance. Be wise, keep the land and the environment balanced, for us and for them. We will all benefit.

  7. This petition is now closed ????? The US government agencies should be flooded with support for all wolves.

  8. Protect our Wolves against overhunting. Put them on Endangered Status! Realease all you are holding!!

  9. We need balance and that means we need all the animals to be on earth and not to lose any of them. I want the kids to be able to see wolves and other animals that we kill so willing. We seem to be able to say who should live and where they should live and if they do things we don’t like then they are pests and we have the right to kill them that is not right.

  10. johanna kiricoples says:


  11. Nicole Vann says:

    Wild animals need protection there is no good reason to kill them. You can’t justify this.

  12. Greta Mendelova says:

    Chcem pomoct.

  13. Alicia Cook says:

    Please help save these beautiful creatures

  14. Maria Ferraria says:

    Save them

  15. Antara Duttagupta says:

    Please save

  16. Michael Brooke says:

    Do the right thing, and support wildlife and the environment! Two of the country’s greatest assets and gifts!!

  17. Marilyn Hoffard says:


  18. Mario Desloovere says:

    Wild animals need protection there is no good reason to kill them.
    We have no more wolves in Belgium reason they are all dead by the hunters

  19. They have every right to live they r one of God’s creations

  20. Deborah Bingham says:

    Please take care of these beautiful animals. We need to protect wildlife.

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