Don’t Let Mexican Gray Wolves Disappear Forever

Target: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Prevent the extinction of the imperiled Mexican gray wolf.

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  1. LynnD Cooper says:

    Wolves are the most critical link in the ( circle) chain of LIFE !!! Life means SAVING ALL WOLVES

  2. liana tobias says:


  3. Jackie Randolph says:

    Please let the animals roam as God intended them to.

  4. Save the wolves!

  5. Please protect our wolves, they are necessary for a healthy eco system.

  6. Please safe our wolves!!

  7. Ashley Hotz says:

    These are beautiful animals who have the right to live as much as you and I do. It is atrocious to me to see how uncreative people are who think they are pests. There is much proactive, strategic planning and action that can protect livestock for example.

    Dear God protect us ALL from arrogant human beings!

  8. TAMARA BRAGG says:

    I pray one day soon the animals will turn on these animal murderers, and terrorize , kill and eat these evil and wicked people, in Jesus name I pray.

  9. Gordon MacDonald says:

    Don’t let the Mexican gray wolf go extinct.

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