Elderly, Sick Dog Apparently Buried Alive Deserves Justice

Target: Kym Worthy, Prosecutor for Wayne County, MI

Goal: Prosecute perpetrators allegedly responsible for burying dog alive to fullest extent.

A concerned community member in Detroit was summoned by a disturbing and heartbreaking sound: the cries of a potentially wounded dog. When the good Samaritan rushed outside to track the source, they came upon an even more alarming sight: a dog’s nose protruding from the ground. The poor animal had apparently been buried alive. The good Samaritan quickly freed the dog from his seeming makeshift grave and contacted an animal rescue.

Individuals treating the dog, whom they named Ghost, described his condition as follows: “very cold, lethargic and not able to stand or walk on his own. He also had a large and deep possible pressure sore on one of his rear legs that was initially thought to be a gunshot wound.” Tragically, despite emergency interventions, Ghost eventually had to be euthanized. Veterinary professionals revealed he also appeared to suffer from chronic muscular and spinal conditions.

This pit bull-mix was ten years old and highly dependent on his caretakers. Police interviewed Ghost’s caretakers, who reportedly confirmed that he belonged to them and that he had been ill. Despite their alleged involvement in this horrifying case, these individuals–nor anyone else–have faced a single charge months later.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office has been apprised of this incident from the beginning but for some reason will not take the necessary action. Sign the petition below to demand these legal professionals do their job.


Dear Prosecutor Worthy,

During the fall, a case was brought to your attention involving potentially horrific animal cruelty. The dog at the center of the case, Ghost, was allegedly buried alive and left to die. If not for a good Samaritan who heard his cries and intervened, this defenseless animal would have likely experienced an agonizing death where he suffocated or starved to death alone and in complete darkness.

Ghost’s owners were reportedly interviewed and seemingly acknowledged some involvement, and then…nothing. Why has the prosecutor’s office sat on this case for months with no apparent action? If this poor deceased ten-year-old dog’s circumstances do not qualify as animal cruelty, then what exactly does?

Animal cruelty is a well-known gateway into violent crimes against humans. Ignore the issue at your own peril or, as your oath of duty demands, seek justice now.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue


  1. I’m 99% sure these POS owners were the ones that put him in this position. They probably abused him until he could no longer walk. The fact that they buried him alive tells his story. Would love to do the same to them!!!!

    • Me too!

      • OMG!! They definitely should be dealt this same treatment. Find these people and Oh God please, make the judge have a heart for this poor little victim and hand down a verdict that will leave this POS crying for freedom for the rest of their life.

      • Anyone that did this to this poor puppy Ghost needs to be beaten and tortured, and buried alive.. I will then hug and kiss Ghost, and ask him to go pee and shit on them!

    • Patricia Lamonica says:


  2. Maria Lavorato says:

    After what Ghost endured it is clear that the perpetrators need to be charged with maximum animal cruelty felony charges!

    These horrible disgusting evils should be banned from ever having another dog. DO NOT FORGET TO GET GHOST HIS JUSTICE!! AND PROTECT OTHER ANIMALS BY DOING YOUR JOB!

    They should be buried alive!

  3. Paula Pope says:

    Kym Worthy needs to do her
    Job! These owners (Monsters) Need to be Prosecuted! Why is she Waiting? So they can get yet Another Animal to Beat and Abuse! Shame on Wayne County, MI for Ignoring Blatant Dog Abuse and Torture! Do Something!!!!

  4. Uncommonsensesc says:

    This is what happens – slack-*ss prosecutors and police that DO NOTHING AGAINST THESE BAGS OF CRAP TO GET ANY KIND OF JUSTICE FOR THAT POOR DOG! Hell, if you’d hold them, I’d give Ghost justice! You chicken crap, spineless, worthless bags of garbage (both the owners and the prosecutor). I found an article in Newsweek that said the Detroit Pit Crew Animal Rescue went to rescue the poor dog and it was the OWNER who moved (found that part on youtube). Someone knows their names and where to find them and I’d love to know this information. I’d like to know why law enforcement and the prosecutors are doing NOTHING!!!

  5. Adrienne Kaiser says:

    THIS is why animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect continue!! Law enforcement,DAs, and judges FAILING to do their job!! There are animal cruelty laws on the books that define how animals should NOT be treated and the consequences for those who break the law. NO ONE should be given a “pass” to abuse, neglect,or be cruel to an animal. The owner of this poor, neglected senior dog who showed outright cruelty to his dog should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law WITHOUT exception!! There are others ways the owner could have handled the situation, but he chose a cruel way to get rid of his old, needy dog at a time when the dog needed him the most…heartbreaking!

  6. Bonnie Welch says:

    I cant believe they are doing NOTHING! I was told theres a warrent for the mans arrest, but they wont go and arrest the POS. He may NEVER be arrested!!!! so much bullshit! If Officials took animal cruelty seriously, then why are the charges (very few and gfar between) such a JOKE!

  7. These spineless fuckers would definitely be ‘dead men ’ walking.
    Prosecutors are a waste of bloody space.
    As long as they get their fat pay packets they could not give a shit about animals.
    Tossers the lot of them!
    If these useless pricks will not do the job then we must.
    Power to any group who can find and discreetly but painfully take the fuckers out!!

  8. The evil,mentally deranged, severe dog abusing scumbags require instigation of the death penalty and nothing less!

  9. dont know what tosay

    • Well, just say a very painful ‘death’ to these nasty deranged bastards.
      The sooner the better.
      I am sure someone knows where these sick wankers live!!!

  10. Evelyn Ball says:

    Find the piece of human shit who did this and bury them alive.

  11. I agree with Jen — let’s bury those monsters alive! This poor dog needs justice. We need to end such horrible cruelty everywhere.

  12. Begrabt dieses Monster der das getan hat.

  13. Deidra Morelli says:

    Always and Forever will Ghost be with us. May God fulfill all our prayers and let there be JUSTICE for Ghost and innocent Senior furbaby please let there be Justice for our Ghost🙏🐾🙏….RIP sweet Ghost🐾❤️🐾❤️

  14. An elderly dog is buried alive and the Prosecuting office has done nothing so far to the Owners who have done this? Really? If this were an elderly human that this happened to then there would be multiple charges of attempted Murder and Elder abuse to say the least. But let someone bury a living elderly dog in the ground and the case gets brushed under the rug. What a pathetic and sickening Justice system going on in Wayne County, MI. What a disgrace.

  15. I would very much hope that monsters who did this will get the harshest punishment possible. Please don’t let this crime slip through the cracks. Those responsible are dangerous and sick. I also hope that karma will be very swift and that those who did this to Ghost will be punished severely — they deserve the same happen to them.

  16. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the abuse and neglect, poor, innocent Ghost was subjected to. He clearly wanted to be rescued and to live as indicated by him crying out. His caretakers were, despicable, low-down callous people. They need to be severely punished, because they are responsible for Ghost’s death. RIP Ghost and I hope you get swift justice.

  17. Jaime Perez says:

    Freaking heartless monsters! They deserve the same treatment. How could anyone be so cruel to an innocent animal? We MUST have stronger animal protection laws in place. People cannot keep getting away with such cruelty.

  18. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    Talk about adding insult to injury in the worst way! This is totally inexcusable and beyond cruel! It is bad enough that Ghost was in his senior years with declining health issues, but his owners’ solution was then to bury him alive…seriously despicable! The monster responsible should suffer the same fate, but since that is not an option, he should @ least be charged with attempted murder of an animal, and prosecuted to the max with mandatory extensive jail time, no plea deals. He should also be banned from ever being allowed around or to adopt any other animal during his lifetime!…I do not even want to think of the unimaginable things poor Ghost was forced to endure during his 10 years on earth living with a monster! May he now RIP…GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

  19. Sherry Akridge says:

    Kym Worthy, Prosecutor for Wayne County, MI
    Why have you not brought charges against the animal abusing owners of
    Ghost? YOU are sending the message that animal abuse is ok and will not be prosecuted! In my opinion, someone else needs to be in your position that will go after these Monsters that do these horrific acts everyday. Why would you not seek justice for Ghost after everything that he was put through? Why? Shame on you for not doing your job, and sending the message that animal abusers can get away with their abuse.

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