Success: Breeding of Orcas at SeaWorld Banned

Orca Whale Breaching Glacier Bay Composite SE

Target: Dayna Bochco, Vice Chair of California Coastal Commission

Goal: Applaud the ban on breeding captive orca whales to be exploited entertainment animals at SeaWorld.

The California Coastal Commission approved of SeaWorld’s tank expansion under the condition that they end the breeding of their orcas. This means that the 11 orcas currently held in the park will most likely be the last ones to ever be there. The Commission put intense restrictions on the transfer of whales in and out of the park which make it difficult to bring new orcas into the park.

However, the Commission still approved of the expansion of SeaWorld’s tanks. Commissioner Greg Cox said: “Most people would agree that at least trying to increase the size of the habitat that they live in is better than what they live in now.” This may seem true, however a seaside sanctuary would be a much better place than any size tank SeaWorld creates. The new expansion project will cover an area of 1.5 acres and be 50 feet deep. Orcas in the wild will swim up to 138 miles a day and dive to depths of 600 feet.

While the fight to get these remaining 11 whales into a proper sanctuary continues, as well as the fight to eliminate breeding programs at other SeaWorld locations, the public can breath a sigh of relief knowing that breeding at the San Diego SeaWorld has been put to an end. Sign our petition to applaud this ban and encourage the California Coastal Commission to continue working for the welfare of exploited captive orca whales.


Dear Dayna Bochco,

Thank you for listening to the public outcry and for taking the whales’ physical and mental health into consideration during the SeaWorld Expansion Project meeting. We were pleased to hear that one of the conditions of building a larger tank was that the breeding program at the San Diego SeaWorld must be put to an end.

In addition to the strict regulations of moving whales to and from the park, the 11 whales currently held captive at the San Diego SeaWorld will most likely be the last. Hopefully, your decision creates a domino effect with the other SeaWorld locations.

Again, thank you for all the time, effort, and thoughtfulness you put into making these decisions.


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Photo Credit: World Wildlife Fund for Nature


  1. SeaWorld, where profit and indifference are the main goal for their water prison.

  2. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    Dayna I work at Ron Herman and have helped you in the past. I could not be more grateful!!!! THANK YOU ten million times!!!!!

  3. michael guest says:

    You are wrong. This was unacceptable. This marine animal park is important when in comes to helping and rescuing animals. I want this repealed now.

  4. Heather Brophy says:


  5. Diana Thornton says:

    They have done California. What about the Sea World in Florida.

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