Deputy Who Reportedly Left Bulldogs to Die in Scorching Heat Must be Punished

Target: Alisha Johnson, District Attorney of Rockdale County, GA

Goal: Prosecute animal cruelty case involving three deceased bulldogs and a police dog to the fullest extent.

With extreme temperature swings as the new norm, cases of animal cruelty involving either sweltering or freezing conditions will tragically rise as well. Three American bulldogs in Georgia reportedly became victims of such a tragedy. Storm, Luke, and Lala were apparently found dead inside a 95-plus degree shed. And the man allegedly responsible for leaving them to this agonizing fate is a local law enforcement officer.

A grand jury indicted sheriff’s deputy Eric Tolbert on animal cruelty charges in connection with the aforementioned deaths, as well as the case of a police dog also under Tolbert’s care. The latter animal, named Aegis, was apparently discovered at the deputy’s residence inside a hot pen and in a neglected state. Fortunately, Aegis was alive, unlike the other reported victims.

Tolbert’s case only came under review after significant protests and calls for action from PETA. Sign the petition below to help ensure continued calls lead to a full and vigorous prosecution.


Dear DA Johnson,

Sheriff’s deputy Eric Tolbert’s badge should not shield him from responsibility for the three innocent animal lives that were allegedly ended under his watch. Each of the dogs in this animal cruelty case experienced a likely horrific and painful death in a shed that was said to be akin to being inside an oven. Worse yet, a police dog also reportedly almost fell victim to neglect under his care.

It took pressure from PETA to help secure an investigation and a grand jury indictment. Please see this case through and pursue the maximum possible penalty in the event of a conviction. Do not plea the case out, and do not rebuff requests to make a permanent ban on pet ownership for Tolbert part of the penalty. Show that the life of every living being matters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Emerald City American Bulldogs


  1. You know nothing is going to happen to this scumbag. First he’s a police officer that makes him above the law. Secondly it’s Georgia and that establiment could give a rats ass about animal rights.

    • Manitou CalmStorm says:

      Apparently you know nothing. Because he IS a police officer, he’ll probably be thrown in prison for 99 life sentences, which I add, is what the douchebag deserves.

      • Ruth Tekell says:

        Anyone who lives in a state where half the population actually has to THINK about whether to elect someone like Herschel Walker cannot be counted on to do anything moral or responsible.

  2. Punish this sicko!!

  3. Lawrence Holtzman says:

    Protect and serve extends to people and our family pets. What is the wrong with these inhumane officers. Fire, fine and get rid of these abusers!!!

  4. Tolbert is an EVIL scum that horrifically abused four beautiful, helpless, innocent dogs. Three died and one suffered this brutality. Please Prosecute and incarcerate this pos. This despicable monster deserves the same deplorable suffering inflicted on these wonderful dogs. Do not punish lightly, as usual, these precious dogs deserve harsh punishment for their lives that were taken and one that thankfully lived.

  5. Deputy Eric👺Tolbert is a sadistic monster👹 who deserves the maximum penalty for his barbaric animal abuse & heinous atrocities against innocent dogs. My greatest wish is that this depraved, ruthless BEAST👺👹 receives eye-for-an-eye justice & burns in hell for eternity!

  6. Christine K says:

    Tolbert should be immediately stripped of his title and duties as a police officer. Not only did he fail miserably as an officer, but also as a human being. He is a low-life disgusting criminal, and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  7. Joseph Kenosky says:

    Euthanize this murderer.

  8. He’ll walk and no one will do shit about it. Action talks and bull shit walks. Maybe someone with Stage 4 cancer will hunt this bastard down and give him what he really deserves. Enough said!

  9. Animals shall NOT BE VICTIMS of sadistic human psychopaths!
    MAX JAIL for this human garbage! He must also be forbidden from owning, or coming near animals ever again!

  10. Julia Edinger says:

    I totally agree with J Hiark
    “Deputy Eric👺Tolbert is a sadistic monster👹 who deserves the maximum penalty for his barbaric animal abuse & heinous atrocities against innocent dogs. My greatest wish is that this depraved, ruthless BEAST👺👹 receives eye-for-an-eye justice & burns in hell for eternity!”…..

  11. Nadine brundage says:

    Police officers are not above the law and this heartless scum needs to pay the consequences for horrific animal cruelty that has led to the death of three innocent dogs . I hope the state of Georgia will not sweep this crime under the rug.

  12. Carla Heitz says:

    What’s with all this animal cruelty cases in Georgia? Don’t they have laws protecting animals? Something needs to be done down in Georgia right now. Its getting me sick to see all of this cruelty happening in Georgia. I hope all these messages go to the Governor of Georgia. Brian Kemp, the Governor should be ashamed of himself and his horrible state. That Sherriff needs to be put away in prison for a very long time. His is NOT above the law.

  13. Anybody who could do this to any animal is evil and deserves to pay dearly for the lives of those poor dogs!! Put him out in 100 degree heat and let him cook!

  14. Sickening and revolting act – and even more so by a public official who is supposed to uphold the law for the protection of humans and animals. This shameful perpetrator deserves to be charged and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

  15. Die you mother fucker just like those poor dogs did!!!!

  16. Ruth Tekell says:

    Why do people bother to own dogs if they aren’t interested in taking care of them?

    Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Pennsylvania have some of the worst abuse numbers and weakest punishments in the country. You can only improve on the situation by participating in local elections where you can change the laws and elect local leaders who will enforce them!

  17. transformation6891Janey says:

    Vetting of Police regarding working with dogs should be stringent not all Police like dogs..this man clearly did not and the results were horrific for those poor dogs. He must never be allowed to work with Dogs again. Sadly georgia does seem to come up alot surely there is an overall governing body that can pressure Georgia

  18. How was this mutant allowed to be in a position to cause such egregious suffering to these dogs who died so horribly????
    We are all noticing how many of these sickening cases of blatant neglect and torture of animals are happening in Georgia!!!!!


    Disgusting for the propensity of like cases!!!! WHERE ARE THE PROSECUTORS?????

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