Animals Caught in Raging Floods and Fires of the Climate Crisis Need Our Help

Target: President Joe Biden

Goal: Support those fighting to save animals and people from devastating climate change.

Record-setting heat waves on every inhabited continent, supercharged hurricanes, and drought affecting much of the Western United States are among the latest symptoms of an escalating climate crisis. And from bison drowning in floods that swept through Yellowstone National Park, to majestic elk desperately trying to escape raging wildfires, the toll on animals as well as people has been enormous.

Globally, climate change has contributed to endangering an estimated one million species that are now at risk of extinction because of humankind’s actions. However, in the face of this existential threat to so much of life on Earth, a mass grassroots movement led by young people has risen up to fight back.

As a writer and managing editor at ForceChange, I know people power can win amazing victories even against some of the world’s most powerful corporations. And when it comes to confronting the climate crisis nothing gives me more hope than the youth climate movement, which has grown into a true mass uprising over the last several years. That’s why I wrote Movement Makers: How Young Activists Upended the Politics of Climate Change, the first book to take a comprehensive look at over two decades of climate movement history in the United States. It was released this fall, and I hope the stories of young people’s bravery and creativity recorded in its pages serve as a useful resource for activists everywhere who care about preserving a stable climate for humans and animals.

I’m excited to share Movement Makers with the ForceChange community. Learn more about the book and get your copy here.

From organizing massive climate marches, to advocating for a Green New Deal, to leading the charge for fossil fuel divestment at universities, youth activists are taking on the fossil fuel industry and winning. If studying and writing about their inspiring work has taught me anything, it’s that a vibrant, powerful grassroots movement led by young people and supported by activists of every age represents our best hope for our own species and countless others. Sign the petition below to express your support and solidarity with the youth climate movement today.


Dear President Biden,

The climate crisis has contributed to putting one million species at risk of being wiped out–yet in the face of this unprecedented catastrophe, young climate activists have acted more like responsible adults than have world leaders. Youth-led movements like the Fridays for Future climate strikes, the push for a Green New Deal, and fossil fuel divestment campaigns point the way toward the clean energy future we must embrace. What is needed is an economy-wide shift to renewables and other sustainable technologies, as anything less will fail to prevent worsening climate change from killing billions of people and wiping out thousands of plant and animal species.

We call on your administration to do everything in its power to support the demands of youth climate organizations and secure a livable world for this and future generations.


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Photo credit: Fabrice Florin


  1. Maria Lavorato says:

    Yes I do believe that it mostly due to the younger generations of late that we are seeing so much positive change in eating plant based, working to protect animals and so many other green initiatives.

    So the least we can and should do is support all these young activists for continually thinking outside the box in a diversity of ways!

  2. I resent young people telling me they are cleaning up my generations mess. I grew up always taking your own shopping basket. No plastic or paper ones. No paper towels. Rags…wash and re-use. Plastic bottles unheard of. Clothes were often handed around family and friends. Mothers could usually make them yours personally. Meat was a treat once a day if you were lucky. Not a four times a day thing. Steak was 4 or 6 oz. 8 was a big one. Now they start at 8 and 12 is not unusual. No fitted sheets. Changing the bed was top one to the bottom, bottom to the wash. With this rotation they lasted twice as long. I applaud all that a lot of the next generations are trying to do but do not blame my generation for your throw away society.

  3. Umm, is this to advertise his book or submit a petition…?? The ‘climate change’ jargon needs to change for people to take it seriously again… We’ve been jilted by the greedy among us, again!! There may be activism and more awareness, but the deforestation still continue… 🙁

  4. Joseph Kenosky says:

    We need to do a better job of protecting wildlife!!!

  5. Muriel Servaege says:

    Yes, it goes without saying they have to be helped and protected.

  6. nazi biden does not care!

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