Stop Confining Pregnant Pigs to Miserably Small Cages

Target: Bryan Humphreys, CEO, National Pork Producers Council

Goal: Stop contesting a law that prohibits pigs from being kept in small, metal gestation crates.

Gestation crates are small, metal enclosures that are often used on pork farms throughout the U.S. and other nations. Typically, these cages are used to restrain pregnant or nursing female pigs who, viewed as breeding vessels, are typically kept in these crates all their lives. Gestation crates are so small that these poor mother pigs can’t even turn around, and many times, they develop arthritis or other health complications due to an inability to stretch their legs.

California’s Proposition 12 is a law that bans the sale of meat and eggs from animals raised using extreme methods of confinement, thereby banning battery cages and gestation crates. However, the pork industry has been fighting this legislation since its introduction in 2018 and, in March, the Supreme Court agreed to hear its case. If decided that this law is unconstitutional, it will subject hundreds of thousands of pigs to unnecessary, prolonged suffering.

Sign this petition to demand the National Pork Producers Council stop fighting Proposition 12 and prioritize compassion for other living beings over the greed of large corporations.


Dear Mr. Humphreys,

California’s Proposition 12 has been one of few crucial protections for animals abused on factory farms. Its ban on extreme methods of confinement–including battery cages and gestation crates–has saved chickens and pigs from cruel fates, stuck in cages barely large enough to stand. This law, however, has come under scrutiny from members of the pork industry who want to strip these farm animals of even their most fundamental rights.

We are asking you to stop fighting California’s Proposition. The pork industry does enough damage to these fragile beings and there is no need to further their suffering.


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Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary 


  1. What I have to say is “not fit for print.” But I wonder just how the pork industry folk would like to spend their ugly last bed in gestation cages ?

    • Yes John, I would love to lock these so called humans in tiny cages too – I hope these monsters receive the karma they deserve – they are evil & wicked.

      • Carmel Edreey says:

        Could not have said it better!

      • Yes John, I would love to lock these so called lowlife psycho humans monsters in tiny cages too – I hope these monsters receive the karma they deserve – they are evil & wicked.
        Eradication from our planet of these vile and evil psycho human monsters from hell is a must. Kill the vile and evil monsters asap.

  2. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs, as their death

  3. Alejandra Parapar says:

    No creature should be made to suffer incarcerated in inhumane crates, this classifies as animal cruelty. The meat industry is viciously cruel and the government agencies that exist to protect animals looks the other way .

  4. BEYOND SHAMEFUL that we have among us “humans” whose souls are so dead as to deliberately cause the unspeakable suffering of farm animals. . . most especially pregnant pigs confined to despicable tiny cages. SICK ENOUGH that we steal their birthright and breed them only to be tortured and slaughtered. . . do they have to be tortured all the way to slaughter?? Makes one ashamed to belong to the human race.

  5. THERE ARE NO WORDS, and no pardon for those who are so dead of soul to support this evil for profit. The label that best applies is PIMP!! Definition of PIMP: creating and profiting from the paid and suffering of another sentient being!!!

  6. These big men behind this egregious SUFFERING FOR PROTIT would be whimpering for their mommies if they had to spend 3 minutes in their hideous gestation crates!!! NO PUNISHMENT IS ENOUGH FOR THIS SICKENING CRUELTY!!!!

  7. Liliana Espejo says:

    Thinks is so sad.

  8. CRIMES AGAINST GOD. Absolutely abominable. Mercy for Animals is working on this important issue. Please support their work!

  9. Please consider becoming vegan so this barbaric cruelty can end. Ashamed of the human race.

  10. Utterly EVIL and UNFORGIVABLE. SHAME on all those sub-human monsters who commit or are complicit in this torture and murder of DEFENCELESS, sentient animals, who have far more intelligence and worth than their soulless killers. You are all going to face karma one day and will taste the living hell that you wrought on these innocents.

  11. You don’t have to be vegan to not support animal cruelty. Man has been eating meat since the beginning of time but man hasn’t always been cruel! And it certainly isn’t just these farmers. Have you ever seen how the Amish treat their animals? Yet they are immune to punishment….. why? Beating, starving, puppy mills for $$ in horrific conditions….

    The laws should apply to all.

  12. GO VEGAN and this animal-hell will END very soon.
    Turn your back on the LEGALIZED CRIME called slaughter-industry.
    VEGAN is the only ethical lifestyle because it’s totally CRUELTY-FREE!
    Pigs trapped in crates are nothing but COMMODITIES in the grip of greedy multi-billion-dollar corporations. As long as profit is involved, animal welfare always takes a back seat. Do you know that after birth, the underweight and injured piglets are killed by crushing their head against the wall in the presence of the pig mother. The “healthy” piglets are castrated without any pain relief, and also have their tails amputated without any pain relief. The pig’s tail falls into a bucket full of other amputated tails!
    In addition, pigs are regularly and forcefully raped in the crates by vets to produce more piglets, and before being slaughtered they are often punched, beaten, kicked and electrified with prods by sadistic, dehumanized and psychopathic workers. This is the price complex and intelligent pigs pay so that YOU can have some bacon for breakfast.
    GO VEGAN, everything else is wishful thinking, hypocrisy and lies!
    13 billion farm-animals are slaughtered each day, globally, for human consumption.
    There are healthy and delicious vegan products available in ALL food-stores. Eating animals is primitive and stupid. DECOLONIZE your brain. Animals are NOT your slaves!

  13. Joseph Kenosky says:

    This must end immediately!

  14. Shelly Blazich says:

    ANY human animal that thinks this is ok is a FUCKIN PSYCHOPATH and needs immediate MENTAL HEALTH CARE as all the education in the world can’t change a murdering twisted psychopath. PERIOD end of conversation. You are a CONTRIBUTING PSYCHOPATH IF YOU STILL EAT THIS MISERY-AND REMEMBER YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. 🤮

  15. Carolyn Ecton says:

    Bryan Humphreys, CEO, National Pork Producers Council: can you prove that people in power actually care about things other than accumulating more money and power? I can’t eat pork anymore — not since these awful practices became known. Will you make changes?

  16. This is another reason I don’t eat meat! It’s all a greed thing. There’s no compassion for the innocent animals forced to live in these ugly, horrible places.

  17. I have given up pork years ago due to gestation crates and also many other cruelties suffered by pigs just to feed ungrateful humans. Animals need rights, including those raised for human consumption – the right to live a decent, natural life even if it is short for some livestock, and the right to humane slaughter.


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