Stop Exposing Rabbits and Other Animals to Convulsion-Inducing Products

Target: Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

Goal: Prohibit cruel and unnecessary toxicity tests on all animals, not just ones we deem worthy.

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a series of legislation that will instate important protections for animals throughout the state. Included among this legislation is the Prohibiting Extraneous Testing Act (PET), which is the first of its kind to prohibit toxicity testing on dogs and cats. These tests—which involve exposing animals to pesticides, chemical substances, anesthetics, and other products—are extremely unnecessary and do not yield results that help advance our understanding of toxicity effects on humans, as is acknowledged by the PET Act.

While this legislation is a win for dogs and cats across the state of California, the likely ramifications will be the increased suffering of other animals used as substitutions to dog and cat subjects. No animals—not rats, rabbits, mice, birds, fish or others—should be forced to endure these cruel experiments. Animals of all kinds suffer equally from prolonged exposure to toxic elements, and face serious health complications including vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, and death, as a result.

Sign this petition to demand the PET Act be extended to all animals. We have no right to prioritize the wellbeing of certain animals over others.


Dear Governor Newsom,

While we at the ForceChange community appreciate the massive strides California is taking towards improving conditions for the nation’s animals, we are upset by the clear hierarchy that seems to dominate much of your legislation. For example, in enacting the Prohibiting Extraneous Testing Act, you will save thousands of dogs and cats from torturous toxicity experiments while subjecting thousands of others–including rats, rabbits, mice, fish, birds, and frogs–to severe psychological and physical torment. All animals suffer the same, and prioritizing the suffering of dogs and cats over that of all other animals is unfair.

We are asking you, Mr. Newsom, to extend the PET Act to encompass all animals and ban the unnecessary, unfruitful, and unethical practice of extraneous testing on living beings.


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    • Agreed. Human beings are biologically classified as animals too. NO living being should be being used or experimented on. PERIOD.

    • I second that nobody should USE animals, these morons should do the tests on their families, see how they like it

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