Demand Shelter Stop Allegedly Letting Kittens Die Slow, Painful Deaths

Target: Tom Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Investigate Franklin County Animal Rescue for alleged mistreatment of shelter animals.

Franklin County Animal Rescue has come under fire from its own employees alleging gross mistreatment of dogs and cats in their care. In a recent incident, a 5-week-old kitten was found by a staff member—Brittany Kilbur—reportedly crying out as though in pain and distressed. Although Kilbur contacted the shelter manager, she states she didn’t hear back and proceeded to contact a local veterinary technician, who reportedly informed her the kitten was dying and that she should bring the kitten in to die more peacefully. Kilbur’s manager allegedly denied her permission to transport the kitten, and once the kitten died apparently instructed staff members to wrap her body up and stuff her in the freezer.

There have been multiple similar incidents, including an orange kitten infected with feline infectious peritonitis who Dean allegedly denied veterinary access to, apparently leading to the kittens’ prolonged suffering and slow death. Several employees and volunteers have described the shelters’ management as being stingy with money, repeatedly putting the health of dogs and cats in jeopardy as a result. Jennifer Dean, the shelter’s executive director, has reportedly denied permission for animals to receive critical care in the name of saving money. According to staff members, animals have been left without water, fed expired food, and forced to use underfilled litter boxes.

While animal shelters across the country are evidently struggling to make ends meet in the current economy, this is no excuse for them to mistreat animals entrusted in their care. Sign this petition to demand an investigation of Franklin County Animal Rescue and help protect innocent dogs and cats from alleged maltreatment.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Workers and volunteers of Franklin County Animal Rescue have come forth with severe allegations against the management at the shelter, citing multiple cases of ill-treatment towards animals. In a recent incident, shelter staff member Brittany Kilbur recounts her experience trying to comfort an apparently dying 5-week-old kitten. When she found the kitten–seemingly distressed and suffering–she called her manager, but to no avail. A compassionate veterinary technician reportedly told Kilbur to take the kitten in, and that she would help the kitten die more peacefully. When she asked her manager for permission, she was reportedly denied and later told simply to stuff the kitten’s body in the shelter fridge.

Multiple similar incidents have gone down at Franklin County Animal Rescue, and employees and volunteers claim that management does everything in their power to reduce shelter costs–including denying veterinary access to sick and dying animals. Animals have reportedly been forced to eat expired food, use underfilled litters, and go without water for indefinite periods of time.

We are asking you, Mr. Vilsack, to investigate these claims in the name of protecting dogs and cats at this Vermont shelter.


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  1. ALL those workers should get photo evidence, quit, distribute flyers of the abuse, then picket this hellhole until it’s shut down.

  2. Manitou CalmStorm says:

    Only a filthy, piece of shit muthafuka asshole would be so stone hearted to sweet little kittens.

    The devil who denied those babies treatment needs to have the same thing happen to his ugly ass!

    R.I.P. my little brothers and sisters who he murdered!

  3. I work at the email shelter that is fucked up. This is the first I heard about this

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