Stop Gassing Chinchillas to Death for High Fashion

Target: Nicolae Ciuca, Romanian Prime Minister

Goal: Ban reportedly unethical and unnecessary animal fur farms throughout Romania.

A recent undercover investigation of 11 chinchilla fur farms in Romania has revealed—once again—the disturbing nature of animal breeding and use by the fashion industry. The animal welfare group that conducted this series of investigations reports severe breaches of Romanian law by the facilities in question. Hundreds of chinchillas were allegedly kept in a dark basement in filthy, barbed wire cages stacked one on top of the other. Females were reportedly constantly bred—remaining in what was described as permanent pregnancy cycles—and forced into a stiff neck brace that would prevent them from escaping during mating. Newborns allegedly struggled to walk against the harsh barbed wire, while older chinchillas frantically chewed at the cages as if to try and escape.

Chinchillas were allegedly illegally killed, as operators were reported to viciously break the sensitive animals’ necks. One farmer even apparently showed investigators a gas chamber—which he constructed out of a pressure cooker—that spews poisonous gas, killing the animals slowly and painfully. These abuses are seemingly common to most every fur farm across every nation, and we must do better to protect those targeted by the apparently cruel methods employed on these farms.

Sign this petition to demand Romania ban fur farms once and for all. Animal fur is not ours to wear.


Dear Prime Minister Circa,

An undercover investigation of 11 fur farms across Romania has revealed the seemingly horrific circumstances in which chinchillas are forced to live and die. Chinchillas were reportedly kept in a dark, dingy basement, shoved into tiny barbed wire cages that were rarely, if ever, cleaned. Newborns apparently struggled to walk, while females were allegedly restrained with neck braces to prevent them from escaping during repeated mating affairs. Investigators report multiple breaches of Romanian law, including illegally killing chinchillas by breaking their necks.

We are asking you, Mr. Circa, to ban fur farms throughout Romania and stop torturing innocent animals in the name of fashion.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sarah Coelho


  1. So-called “fashion” and those who SLAVE-ishly follow it, both need to GO.

  2. People wearing it should be shot

  3. That is exactly that – protecting animals from horrible humans better said.

  4. William Turner says:

    If you can spot a chinchilla coat,cover it with paint.If it happens often enough,they will stop selling them

  5. Stop this horrible abuse!!!


  7. I’m a law abiding citizen. Give me the address and I’ll dismember the bastards with a chainsaw

    • Uncommonsensesc says:

      Need help? I’m in!

    • Bloody brilliant summing up.
      These bastards need teaching the hard way. Then they would maybe get the message.
      Imagine a little boy or girl asking their Granddad,
      “Hey Granddad, what did you used to do”?
      “Well darling, I used to murder animals for their skins so that ‘rich’ bastards could wear them”.
      Food for thought!!

  8. Humans cannot just stop HOW animals are killed but must stop using/exploiting/killing animals in the first place.

    Pigs, for example, are routinely, globally gassed using CO2, an exceedingly cruel and barbaric method of death that is accepted by humans because “bacon, tho”.

    As long as some animals are effortlessly used and killed by humans, so too will other animals be, it’s one violent cycle.

  9. Why do some people think they are entitled to kill living things just to cover their bodies? Ridiculous. We have synthetic fibers now, no need for barbaric practices.

  10. Brenda Collins says:

    This is horrific and needs to be stopped!

  11. Uncommonsensesc says:

    There are some truly evil SOB’s on this earth and true justice is never done for innocent animals who have the misfortune to get near them. I wish God would start that smiting thing again and take care of this evilness.


  13. Who are the ignorant vile people who still wear fur for a fashion statement. They should be made to do it themselves then see how many indulge. They sicken me. People in general disgust me.

  14. Alejandra Parapar says:

    The killing of a defenseless animal for their fur when there are so many alternatives, equally good and equally beautiful, is frivolous, selfish, inhumane and thoroughly cruel. It shows what is inside the people that buy fur as well as the industry that makes money regardless of the vicious treatment and killing of the poor animals.

  15. Nadine brundage says:

    So evil, heartless and cruel. Why do these animals have to live their short life in horrific conditions and die for fashion. Anyone who thinks wearing a dead animal is fashionable is the scum of the earth. Close these disgusting greedy breeders down. There are lots of other fashionable alternatives out there.

  16. Fashion for the clueless & heartless. Fur is DEAD! Find an alternative like faux fur which isn’t always true on the labels from some of these countries.

  17. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It really is shocking and disturbing to hear about fur farms. It brings about the question, how is this even happening from a legal point of view? What kind of human being would allow these fur farms to even exist? These animals are living beings just like humans who deserve the right to live in a world without confinement where torture, suffering, and death awaits them.
    It really is sickening.

  18. Cruel

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