Stop Recreational Hunting, Trapping, and Terrorizing of Big Cats

Target: Stephen Fenberg, Colorado Senate President

Goal: Prohibit the trophy hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, and Canada lynx.

Despite majority public opposition, the killing of wildlife for sport is still legal throughout much of the U.S. Tens of thousands of beautiful animals—including endangered species—are killed each year, injured with bone-crushing traps, chased by packs of ravenous dogs, and tricked into entering shooting ranges. All so that hunters can have bragging rights or mount the animals’ heads on plaque and hang it on their walls.

Recently, Colorado legislators introduced Senate Bill 31 to end trophy hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, and the threatened Canada lynx. This bill would prohibit people from hunting these big cats for recreational purposes, and only allow them to be killed for scientific research or human safety. Unfortunately, this bill recently failed, leaving thousands of cats vulnerable to agonizing deaths.

Sign this petition to demand Colorado reintroduce Senate Bill 31 and pass legislation to protect native species from wasteful hunting practices.


Dear Senator Fenberg,

The recreational hunting of wildlife–including threatened and endangered species–has long been an accepted practice, and people are not only allowed to kill innocent animals, but it is often even encouraged. Hunters trypically employ horrifically cruel methods such as trapping animals with bone-crushing traps and snares, sending trained dogs to chase down and maul them, and deceiving animals into coming within shooting distance by playing species-specific distress calls.

The Colorado bill, Senate Bill 31, sought to reduce the prevalence of this antiquated practice within its own borders and prohibit killing mountain lions, bobcats, and Canada lynx for sport. This bill’s failure has devestated communities of animal activists throughout the country, and has put thousands of these beautiful big cats at the mercy of bloodthirsty hunters.

We are asking you, Mr. Fenberg, to support the reintroduction of this bill to Congress and help to protect animals from ending up with their heads on plaques.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Wtf is recreational I’m killing! Pieces of shit. Burn in hell.

  2. This really needs to stop. Wildlife has so many things going against it that this cruel, unnecessary and sadistic trophy hunting has to cease. There is no reason on this earth why anyone needs to kill wildlife for entertainment and if they think they do they are just sick people. Respect the wildlife we have before it’s gone and we all pay the price for this type of stupidity.

  3. Virginia Gorski says:

    I am so happy I can sign these petitions en mass.
    I think it is horrible all these cruel and greedy things are done to helpless animals. Thank God for people who try to stop these terrible things.

  4. The only good hunter is a dead hunter. Hunt the hunters!!!!

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