KFC: Stop Misleading the Public With Animal Welfare Claims

Target: Sabir Sami, KFC Division Chief Operating Officer

Goal: Demand that KFC live up to their animal welfare claims and stop supporting the abuse of chickens on their supply chain farms.

Following the release of a KFC promotional video assuring the public of their compliance with high animal welfare standards, disturbing footage of an actual KFC supply farm has surfaced. An undercover investigation of Park Farm North in England revealed the horrendous conditions which hundreds of thousands of chickens are apparently enduring.

In contrast to the promotional video’s depiction of the farm–which showed birds frolicking around a spacious shed, filled with fresh hay and bells for enrichment–chickens at the actual farm appeared to be tightly packed with tens of thousands of birds. These animals were seemingly walking among their own feces, with many being injured, sick, or dead. Bins standing outside of the shed were reportedly filled to the brim with corposes of chickens that had died from the neglect.

KFC’s apparent blatant public deception is disgusting, and it seems claims about their commitment to upholding animal welfare standards could not be further from the truth. Sign this petition to demand KFC stop lying to consumers and, instead, actually promote the health and safety of animals on their supply farms.


Dear CEO Sami,

Despite the glamorous portrayal of KFC supply farms, recently released footage taken at an actual supply seems to paint a different picture of the true nature of your company’s practices–and it is rather bleak. Instead of living in a spacious barn with access to enrichment toys and fresh hay covered floors, chickens at this farm in England appear to have been densely packed into a feces-ridden shed, with barely any space to move. Many of the animals were seemingly sick or injured, and dead birds’ corpses were littered all over the floor. Bins outside of the shed appeared to be overflowing with deceased chickens.

We are asking you, Mr. Sami, to stop deceiving the public with phony promotional clips and claims. Instead, why not actually uphold the animal welfare standards KFC so vehemently claims to follow?


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Photo Credit: Bob Nichols

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