Stop Drugging Small Animals and Making Them Swim for Their Lives

Target: David A. Ricks, CEO of Eli Lilly

Goal: Stop putting small animals through torturous experimentation.

Mice, hamsters, and other animals are being dropped into beakers filled up with water and forced to swim so they do not drown in a test conducted by Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company. This “forced to swim test” involves dosing these small animals with substances, and many activist groups are urging its ban. The test is meant to bring scientific clarity on human depression, but PETA claims these poor creatures are “forced to swim for their lives.”

Many other pharmaceutical companies have banned this test after it was discredited by scientists. The test was heavily criticized because they believe floating is not a sign of depression, therefore it will not help in the studies towards it. This experimentation is tortuous and cruel.

Sign below and join so many scientists and activists in making sure the “forced to swim test” is banned by all.


Dear Mr. Ricks,

After scientists have discredited the “forced to swim test” and activists have spoken up about how cruel it is, it is time to ban it. Many other pharmaceutical companies have banned this experiment from going on in their labs. The test is animal abuse and must not be done anymore. It is time to follow the steps of the other companies and listen to scientists. We demand Eli Lilly immediately ban the “forced to swim test.”


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Photo Credit: Sam Posten III


  1. Jacqueline A says:

    Stop these suck, cruel experiments.

  2. WHAT’S the POINT ? — STOP the depraved cruelty —

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