End Sponsorship That Supports Reportedly Abusive Dog Race

Target: Greg Lalicker, Chief Executive Officer of Hilcorp Energy Company

Goal: End Hilcorp Energy’s sponsorship of the Iditarod dog race.

A dog race called Iditarod is known for putting dogs through seemingly cruel conditions that result in their death. The dogs are allegedly chained up in weather that is below freezing. Most of the dogs killed are reportedly forgotten and not given the justice they deserve. PETA has informed the public that more than 150 dogs have died in Iditarod. During this year’s race, a bloody dog was apparently seen piled on a sled being paraded through the crowd. On the off seasons of racing, many dogs are also reportedly killed if they aren’t considered fast enough by their owners.

During the race, seemingly exhausted dogs are forced to run thousands of miles while pulling heavy sleds. As a result, many of them succumb to their injuries. Although multiple sponsors of the race have cut ties with them, there are still some that support the apparent abuse taking place. Among those still supporting Iditarod are Hilcorp Energy Company. The only way to stop this alleged abuse is to cut all ties with Iditarod.

Sign the petition below to demand the CEO of Hilcrop Energy end their sponsorship of Iditarod.


Dear Chief Executive Officer Lalicker,

The alleged abuse of dogs taking place in the Iditarod needs to be stopped. The photos of bloody dogs along with multiple sponsors cutting their ties with Iditarod is damning evidence that something may be wrong. Over 150 dogs have died because of the seemingly cruel conditions they are being put through. Ending the sponsorship of Iditarod can help save these animals from apparent cruelty and death.

We demand an immediate end to Hilcrop Energy’s sponsorship of Iditarod.


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  1. “Seeming”? “May”? “Alleged”? Stop being wishy-washy with the language. There’s been TONS of PROOF about how ghastly and demonic this entire “sled dog” industry has ALWAYS been! Enough’s enough!

  2. The Idiot Race, run by dogs for low life. I’ve seen so much footage of what goes in these races, where and how the dogs are kept. The temperature change with the digs from a run to sub zero night temperatures. If a vet knew you were keeping your dig like this and made them pull and run like these dogs do, they would report you. How and why this is being reported is anyone’s guess but suppose if you have lots of letters and qualifications after your name, you can day anything!

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