Ban Abusive Auction From Veterinarians’ Property

Target: Dr. Steven and Dr. Melissa Matthews, owners of Vale Veterinary Hospital

Goal: Ban the allegedly abusive Shelby Alternative Livestock Auction from being held on animal doctors’ property.

PETA claims to have documented animal cruelty at a 2021 exotic-animal auction hosted by the owners of Vale Veterinary Hospital. The abuse allegedly included workers of Shelby Alternative Livestock slamming a baby goat’s head into metal fencing, hitting animals with poles, and kicking them. Goats were said to be seen being held by their horns. It is also reported that some of the animals looked starved, with their ribs and bones clearly protruding.

This event took place on property that the vets own, leaving many outraged that veterinarians who are meant to keep animals safe and healthy would allow such abuse.  Condemn all parties involved in the alleged cruelty.


Dear Dr. Steven and Dr. Melissa Matthews,

No animals deserve the abuse that allegedly took place at the auction you hosted in 2021. Many animals are reported to have been outright harmed by workers, and it is not okay to turn a blind-eye. As veterinarians, your job to keep animals safe and healthy–and this flies in the face of this event being allowed to take place on your property. Alongside PETA, we urge you to ban the auction from ever happening again. The animals at the auction deserve justice and saved.


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Anyone who is capable of abusing animals should NOT be practicing veterinary medicine! REVOKE THEIR LICENSES TO PRACTICE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES.

  2. Sylvia Vegas says:

    What kind of a vet would permit that inhumane treatment?
    He is just a greedy merchant, someone who does not give a damn about animals, but the profits he can obtain.
    After he is sentenced to go to jail and pay a fine, what about closing up the place and permanently revoking his license?
    He is just a plain abusive coward.

  3. teresa zamalloa says:

    Dear Dr. Steven and Dr. Melissa Matthews,
    Cases of animal abuse are repeated every day due to the lack of a law that severely punishes transgressors … it could not be you two who gave a law that sends all cowards, perverse animal abusers to jail for a minimum of 10 years and a fine of 10,000 applicable in all states of the country?

    • Jackie Pflucker says:

      Yes. Dr. Steven and Dr. Matthews,
      Have mercy on us all!
      We want to please humans and yet they hurt us!
      Thank you!

  4. Erin Ryan says:

    Despicable actions by those trusted to provide care to those innocents that can not speak for themselves. REVOKE THE LICENSES OF BOTH THESE VETERINARIANS AND NEVER ALLOW THEM TO PRACTICE AGAIN! It is obvious they are using and abusing animals for greed! Please STOP THESE PEOPLE NOW BEFORE MORE INNOCENT ANIMALS ARE ABUSED!

  5. These vile animal abusing mentally deranged scumbags require extermination.A slow and agonising death is essential!!

  6. Margaret Burlingham says:

    It’s all about the bottom line $$$ with this vet. He should lose his clientele and business license – but then he probably would go to work for some lab doing animal experimentation. That’s what deranged people do.

  7. Training to be a Veterinarian is not easy. It requires the understanding of so many animals and their bodies. However, why would anyone, much less a vet, open their land to this type of auction and cruelty? I agree that this person needs to lose their license and they will lose their patients as well. This is in the exact opposition to the vows I am sure vets take at graduation. This vet disgraces all vets in making such a foolish decision. And, yes, it’s all-out the money. It’s always greed which prompts most evil actions especially to innocent animals.

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