Success: Bear Who Broke Into Homes for Food Saved From Euthanasia

Target: Peter Tira, Information Officer for California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Encourage investigation into bear break-ins and promises that Hank the Tank has been relocated and not killed.

A 500-pound black bear named Hank the Tank was seen breaking into homes in Lake Tahoe, California, looking for meals. He had never harmed any humans, and Peter Tira of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has stated that Hank’s size and strength is what made the break-ins so frightening. The Department also stated that it was possible Hank would have to be euthanized, rather than trapped and relocated. This ForceChange petition brought attention to the public and communities’ demands to not kill Hank the Tank.

There were countless other options to ensure Hank the Tank’s safety. After further investigation into the break-ins, California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say they are no longer planning to euthanize Hank when captured. They will safely trap and relocate him to another part of the forest. This wonderful news comes after DNA evidence showed he was not the sole “culprit” of the incidents. The DNA shows that at least two other bears were also in search of food in the homes. The department stated they hope to expand their database of bear genetics to prevent misidentification of bears from occurring in the future. This will save many bears’ lives.

Sign below and thank those who have guaranteed Hank the Tank will be able to live his life freely and safely.


Dear Peter Tira,

After releasing a statement that euthanizing Hank could happen, we are glad to see a deeper investigation to save him occurred. Hank the Tank, being relocated to a different part of the forest where he can hunt for food and be free and safe, is wonderful news. Thank you for further investigating the break-ins and listening to the demands of the public.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Tim Lumley


  1. Patrick Butler says:

    Mr. Tira,

    Thank you so much for giving Hank the Tank a new lease on life! Truly, thank you!

  2. Many, many thanks! It was the right thing to do.

  3. Well done.Everyone animals and humans requires food to survive.Hank was only seeking food for survival.

  4. This is what you call animal management at its best and what we should be seeking to co- exist with all species. Too often the gun or to kill 8s the reaction for something that gets in our way!
    Let’s see more of this. Great.

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