Stop Killing Monkeys to Make Elon Musk’s Brain Chips

Target: Elon Musk, CEO of Neuralink Goal: Stop using monkeys for experimentation on new technology. Elon Musk has confirmed that monkeys have died during his new Neuralink project of creating a brain chip. Macaque monkeys have been used during testing of the new technology, and had chips inserted into their skulls during experiments.  This chip is said to communicate with computers through a small receiver, which would allow humans to control technology from their brains. A non-profit group that advocates for alternative methods to animal testing has spoken out. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) sent a letter to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) requesting an investigation into the alleged abuse of the monkeys, which they believe violates the Animal Welfare Act. The letter alleged that nearly 23 monkeys used for experimentation by Neuralink were showing signs of suffering. Neuralink’s response was that the monkeys were “humanely” put down after any terminal surgery that was performed, and that everything they are doing meets the federally mandated standard. They are also being accused of using “BioGlue,” which destroys parts of the monkeys’ brains. These monkeys are suffering and dying. Demand an alternative method for testing the new technology that does not include using animals in the process. PETITION LETTER: Dear Elon Musk, Monkeys being used in your new projects’ experiments are greatly suffering. There are many other alternatives to using animals in testing a new technology. There is no need to put innocent monkeys through pain and death for it. Alongside PCRM, we demand to see immediate action being taken to save these animals. There is no humane way to put down an animal after pain and suffering directly caused by your experiments. We urge you to find a new path and assure the public you will be doing so.
Sincerely, [Your Name Here] Photo Credit: NVIDIA Corporation


  1. Ashley Swinney says:

    Just because you have more money than most other people doesn’t give you the right to be evil.

  2. In a fair world he would have been executed. A fair sentence for him and everyone else who is doing these murders is to be executed by firing squad. fair is fair

  3. This ugly,pocked faced severe animal abusing/killing faggot and any others involved in killing these poor defenceless monkeys must have the death penalty implemented.A slow and agonising death for each of these ccretins is essential!

  4. Put a chip in his worthless, evil, cruel brain!

  5. The power of money is frightening when coupled with this Frankenstein way of thought processing. Who will say a ‘no’ to people like this. We really do have to keep up pressure on people like this as they will swat any contradiction to their achievements and toss it aside like some minor inconvenience. Do everything to make him look the evil he is.

  6. This is an extremely intelligent man. Being so I fail to comprehend why he would take the lives of animals for Brain Chips. Basically the human race needs far more than chips to allow us to improve the lives of others and to live peacefully in the world. This man needs to be more alert to the needs of others and not so focused on the needs of his ego.

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