End Abuse and Neglect of Horses Used in Carriage Rides

Target: Mamata BanerjeeChief Minister of West Bengal

Goal: Put an end to horse-drawn carriages.

Horses being used for horse-drawn carriages in India are suffering. They are forced to pull heavy carriages full of people, even when physically wounded, sick, and hungry. Some horses are whipped as well. These animals pull the carriages in extremely hot weather and have also been seen standing in their own waste. The carriage rides are usually long which causes exhaustion for the horses and that means they go a long time without food and water. PETA India is demanding the end to these cruel conditions.

An investigation was started which found cruel conditions for the horses. Many of them had injuries which could be from being struck by cars, likely from navigating through heavy traffic. It was discovered that they are left to find their own food, and some are abandoned after they can no longer work. They receive no veterinary treatment. Which leads to painful deaths. After all the horses were assessed, the conclusion was made that they went far too long without food leaving them extremely thin.

Sign below and demand that horse drawn carriages be banned in India and the horses given proper treatment and care.


Dear Mamata Banerjee,

You must put a stop to the tourist attraction of horse-drawn carriages. The horses being used for this are put through harmful conditions like lack of food and water. This leads to exhaustion and can even lead to their deaths. They are not receiving proper medical treatment and are being forced to work.

Horses do not deserve to work in these harmful conditions. We demand alongside PETA India that the cruel conditions these horses are suffering from the carriage rides are stopped.


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Photo Credit: Jim & Robin Kunze


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP abusing horses!!! NO ONE NEEDS horse drawn carriage rides, especially not in DANGEROUS CONDITIONS. If they’re used to work, they must be fed properly, watered regularly, given veterinary treatment when needed, and NOT ALLOWED to work when it’s too hot.

  2. Ban cat meat trade !!!!

  3. Stop this cruelty to these majestic and magnificent horses! Animals should NOT be used for human greed! These are living beings and MUST be treated as such! What is wrong with your society allowing animal torture and abuse of these innocents?

  4. Ban cruel and barbaric horse drawn carriage rides internationally.

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