Don’t Farm and Slaughter Octopuses for Food

Target: José María Benavent Valero, Chairman of Nueva Pescanova Group

Goal: Halt the opening of the world’s first octopus farm, where intelligent animals will be kept in pain and misery.

In Gran Canaria, Spain the Nueva Pescanova Group plans to open the world’s first octopus farm. Within this farm hundreds of octopuses will be forced to live in cramped tank until they are slaughtered for food. Octopuses are extremely intelligent and hyper aware beings. Scientists have proven that octopuses can feel pain and suffering, which is the only thing this farm will put them through. They can become extremely angry living in these conditions, which can result in injuries and harming each other. They would be fighting to escape and that could lead to their suffering and ultimate deaths. Nueva Pescanova has had these plans in the works for a while but has reportedly kept them quiet, quite possibly due to the fact that many people may be opposed.

Although there are no laws in Spain to protect octopuses, people are stepping up. Animals rights activists and campaigns are letting their opposition be heard. Even scientific researchers are pushing back on this plan, warning that it could cause disruption in the ocean’s ecosystem due to removing species from their homes, where they belong. We must stop these plans. We must protect these intelligent species and stop the octopus farm from being opened.


Dear José María Benavent Valero,

Please do not open the octopus farm. It is inhumane to put such intelligent species in a cramped tank just to raise them for slaughter. It will cause a tremendous amount of suffering. There must be a reason this plan was allegedly kept quiet for a while. It seems that many people know how cruel it is to open this farm and are greatly opposed to it. You must know that not only will it cause major disruption within the ecosystem, it will also cause unnecessary and cruel suffering to animals, leading to their deaths. Octopuses do not deserve this.


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Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson


  1. Patrick Butler says:

    Octopi are the smartest of the cuddle fish. Leave them alone…people do not need to consume them!

  2. Myrna Burdick says:

    Spain is behind all other European countries in their treatment of animals. first it is slaughtering of grey hounds, running of the bulls thru the streets with people trying to torment and injure the frightened animals.

    What possible reason do the Spanish peoples need farmed octopi
    when forced farming produces living in unhealthy water, probable
    medicating when illness breaks out, swimming in congested feces
    laden waters. Self respect in what one does in life IS far more important then living for just money!

  3. Octopuses are sentient beings. This farm must NOT be allowed to open.

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