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Stop the Silent Extinction of Giraffes

Giraffe populations have decreased nearly 40 percent in the last 30 years. Sign this petition to demand that more attention be brought to this mass extinction before it's too late.[...]
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Puppy Whose Legs Were Cruelly Cut Off Deserves Justice

A man reportedly admitted to cutting a puppy's legs off with a hacksaw, and then beat his wife for trying to interfere. This violent man was only given a fine as punishment. Sign this petition to demand that this disgusting injustice be reversed and the abuser put behind bars.[...]
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Cats Found Mutilated and Gruesomely Tortured Deserve Justice

Two cats were found mutilated and murdered inside a man's home. Three others had reportedly been tortured, but were still alive. Demand that the man be brought to justice for these sadistic acts of cruelty, if found guilty.[...]
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Stop Killing Innocent, Well-Behaved Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are targeted by breed-discriminatory laws that often result in the dogs being unnecessarily euthanized. Sign this petition to say that you do not want more innocent dogs being killed just because of their breed.[...]
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Justice for Puppy Found Buried Alive

A small puppy died after he was found buried alive. He was unresponsive and his mouth was full of rocks and dirt. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.[...]
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Expel Fraternity Members Who Allegedly Planned to Kill a Goat

Fraternity members allegedly planned to abuse and kill a goat as part of their initiation ritual. The goat is missing, and its condition is unknown. Demand that justice is served for this innocent animal.[...]
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Find Serial Dog Killer Responsible for Burning and Poisoning Dogs

Multiple dogs are being burned, poisoned, shot and buried by an unknown serial dog killer. Demand that authorities take action to find and punish whoever is responsible for these disturbing attacks before more creatures are tortured and killed.[...]
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Punish Breeders Accused of Forcing Dogs to Live in Filth

Over a dozen dogs were reportedly being kept in cages so small that they had to stand in their own urine and feces. Demand that those responsible are punished to the fullest extent of the law.[...]
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Punish Dog Trainer Who Allegedly Held Dog Up By Leash

A dog trainer reportedly lifted a dog up by its leash and held it there until it defecated. This is just one of many complaints about her allegedly cruel methods. Demand justice for this innocent dog.[...]
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End Trophy Hunting of Endangered African Leopards

The African leopard is one of trophy hunting’s most lucrative prizes. As a result, its population has plummeted by 30 percent. Demand that trophy hunting be brought to an end so this majestic animal and others like it can be saved from extinction.[...]

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