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    Tell Yahoo! Japan to Stop Selling Elephant Ivory

    Target: Masayoshi Son, Director of Yahoo! Japan

    Goal: Stop the slaughter of Africa’s dwindling elephant populations by ending ivory sales.

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Justice for Horses Found Dead and Decomposing in Their Stalls

Eleven horses were found dead in their stalls from starvation, another was left without water and forced to gnaw on wood in an attempt to survive. Punish the person responsible for this shocking neglect.[...]
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Shut Down Roadside Zoo Accused of Animal Abuse

Video allegedly taken at a roadside zoo appears to show the owners admitting to animal abuse, including beating a lion cub. Demand that the zoo is closed.[...]
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Permanently Ban Pesticide that Prevents Bees from Laying Eggs

Bumblebees are under threat from a common type of pesticide. Wild bees, such as bumblebees, are just as vital for pollinating crops and flowers as honeybees are and must be protected. Sign this petition to demand that these toxic chemicals remain banned in the European Union.[...]
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Animal Abuser Charged with Misdemeanor Deserves Harsher Sentence

An Idaho man has been charged with a mere misdemeanor for allegedly beating a beloved family dog to death. This is unacceptable, as animal abuse is a crime and should be treated as such. Sign this petition to demand this man be given a harsher sentence.[...]
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Dog and Puppy that Allegedly Died from Neglect Deserve Justice

A dog and a three-week-old puppy died after they were allegedly left outside unattended for two weeks. The dog was reportedly chained to the house without access to food or water. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.[...]
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Punish Repeat Offender for Allegedly Starving Dogs After Previously Being Charged for Dead Bear and Rabbit

A dead dog was reportedly found inside of a metal cage after starving to death, while 10 additional dogs were also reportedly starving and kept on short leashes without shelter. The owner has a history of animal cruelty charges stemming from an investigation where dead rabbits and a black bear were found in his home. Sign this petition to demand that this repeat offender be brought to justice.[...]
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Protect Owls from Harry Potter-fueled Trafficking

Thousands of owls have been illegally sold as pets in Indonesia as a result of the widespread popularity of the Harry Potter series. Owls are wild animals and do not deserve to be subjected to mistreatment in captivity. Demand that the government crack down on this trade and protect vulnerable owl species.[...]
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Puppy Reportedly Beaten for 10 Minutes and Stuffed into Trunk Deserves Justice

A puppy reportedly cried out in pain as he was viciously beaten by his owner. The attack went on for 10 minutes before the puppy was apparently stuffed into the trunk of a car. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.[...]
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Owners Who Cruelly Forced Dog to Drag Weights Must be Punished

A small dog was reportedly forced to walk with heavy weights attached to his feet. According to a witness who took photos of the incident, the owners were forcing the animal to struggle with carrying about 25 pounds. Please sign this petition to demand that the owners be charged with animal cruelty.[...]
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Dogs Allegedly Abused and Trained for Dog Fighting Deserve Justice

Nineteen dogs were allegedly subjected to cruel training methods for dog fighting. The dogs were reportedly chained to the ground and forced to wear heavy weights around their necks. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.[...]

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