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  • Save Bees From Highly Toxic Pesticides

    Target: President Obama

    Goal: Save bees from toxic bee-killing pesticides.

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Justice for Puppy Thrown in Creek and Left to Die

A puppy was reportedly thrown into a creek and left to die by a random man who was trespassing on the owners' property. Demand that the authorities find the sick person who did this and bring him to justice.[...]
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Justice For Cats Found Frozen to Death

Forty cats were discovered dead in the freezer of a storage unit reportedly owned by an old woman who sold the unit and left the city. Sign this petition to demand she be found, questioned and punished if found guilty.[...]
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Stop Cutting Open Pigs for Sales Pitches

Pigs are being cut open and killed so that a major company can showcase its products. Demand that the company stop killing these innocent animals and begin using the cruelty-free methods immediately.[...]
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Justice for Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Critically Endangered Gorillas

A conservation officer was recently shot dead while on duty protecting the critically endangered Grauer's gorilla. Demand that the perpetrators of this heinous act are found and punished immediately.[...]
Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights - Demand Justice

Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights - Demand Justice

Two kittens, with their legs bound, were reportedly used as bait in pit bull fights. One kitten had to be euthanized because of the severity of her injuries. Demand that the sadistic person who did this be found and brought to justice.[...]
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Justice for Dogs Found Injured and Dead in Caretaker’s Backyard

One dog was found dead and another seriously injured in their caretaker's backyard. The caretaker reportedly neglected to seek medical attention for either dog and denied knowledge of their condition. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.[...]
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“Farmyard of Horrors” Owner Must Be Punished

Over 100 dead or dying animals were recently discovered at a home by authorities. Demand that the person responsible for this massive cruelty be punished to the full extent of the law.[...]
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Justice for Horses and Mules Found Starved and Near Death

Six horses and two mules were found emaciated and near death on property too small to accommodate them. Their owners reportedly kept them on land that contained no food and only filthy water to drink. Demand justice for these innocent animals.[...]
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Success: Vet Accused of Shooting Cat With Bow and Arrow has License Suspended

A veterinarian accused of shooting a cat through the head with a bow and arrow, killing it, has had her veterinary license suspended for one year. Applaud the licensing board for treating this cruelty seriously.[...]
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Demand Justice for Sick Dogs Forced to Live in Cruel Conditions

More than thirty dogs were reportedly being kept in horrific conditions, leaving many sick and one that had to be euthanized. A dozen of those poor dogs are now wandering the streets, abandoned. Demand that these innocent animals be given justice.[...]

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