Educational Series

Educational Series: Saving Vanishing Wildlife From Oblivion

A bald eagle soaring over a wild river; a mother grizzly bear and her cubs roaming through one of the last great tracts of unbroken forest; a sea otter frolicking through a coastal kelp forest; all of these awe-inspiring sights were at some point in imminent danger of vanishing forever. […]

Educational Series: Animal Trafficking is Driving Species to Extinction

When authorities in Madagascar recently responded to a complaint about an overwhelming odor coming from an abandoned house, they discovered nearly 10,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises crawling in their own feces and slowly succumbing to dehydration. The surviving tortoises were taken to a rescue facility managed by the Turtle Survival […]

Educational Series: Wildlife is Drowning in Plastic Pollution

It’s used to wrap food at the supermarket, bag store merchandise, and package items for the mail: plastic seems to be everywhere and much of it is completely unnecessary. Have you ever opened a box from Amazon or other online retailers to find most of the space inside taken up […]

Killing Wildlife on Public Lands

For more than a century, public lands in the United States have been a refuge for some of our nation’s most iconic and majestic wildlife species. When Yellowstone National Park was first established in 1872, it protected species like bison that were on the verge of extinction. Yellowstone and other […]

Educational Series: Oceanic Noise Pollution

70 years ago, on July 26, 1946, the United States military set off a nuclear bomb underwater to test the effectiveness of their submarines to this kind of attack. The test went horribly wrong. The blast began as a giant hot bubble of gas that blew a 30 foot deep […]

Educational Series: Stopping the Dolphin Slaughter

It has been 8 years since the release of the documentary ‘The Cove’ that highlighted the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. We dove in to see what has changed since the spotlight was put on this horrific annual event. The changes we found were not what we had hoped. The […]

Educational Series: It’s 2018 and Countries are Still Killing Whales

Japan recently set out on their annual whaling mission to kill hundreds of minke whales in the name of scientific research. On these excursions, whales are shot with a grenade harpoon that is connected to a moving ship, causing them to die a slow and painful death. In 2016, 200 […]

Educational Series: Dog Sledding and Dog Chaining

The iditarod, a sled dog race almost 1,000 miles long, runs across Alaska from Settler’s Bay to Nome in March of every year. The race goes up and over hills, through mountain passes, and over tundra landscapes and spruce forests. Blizzard conditions with zero visibility is common, as well as […]

Educational Series: Trophy Hunting

On July 1, 2015 in Zimbabwe, the beloved lion, Cecil, was lured away from his lion sanctuary where he was maimed by a bow and arrow shot by Dr. Walter Palmer. After suffering for 11 hours, he was finally shot and killed by a rifle. He was skinned and decapitated […]

Animal Petitions Educational Series: Animal Testing

More than 115 million animals, worldwide, are used for experimentation and biomedical research every year. In the US alone, 70,000 dogs are used for research testing every year, of which 96% are beagles because of their docile temperament and trusting nature. In Great Britain last year, 3.9 million experiments were […]

Animal Petitions Educational Series: Factory Farms

Earlier this year, animal activist group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) entered a factory farm in Utah that is owned by Smithfield Foods with the intent to expose allegedly poor treatment of their animals. While there, they found what they perceived to be two piglets struggling to survive. According to DxE, […]

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