Save Theodore Roosevelt National Park From Oil Refinery

An oil company is about to build a 55,000-barrel-a-day oil refinery just 3 miles from the border of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This is a direct threat to the park’s air quality, scenic views and night skies, and dishonors President Roosevelt’s conservation legacy. Sign this petition to save the National Park from this destructive oil refinery.

Tell Yahoo! Japan to Stop Selling Elephant Ivory

35,000 elephants will be killed this year for their ivory and Yahoo! Japan remains a major seller of ivory, transacting millions of dollars worth every year. Sign this petition to end Yahoo! Japan’s ivory sales and help stop the slaughter of Africa’s dwindling elephant populations.

Help Safeguard the Future of Our National Park System

The Antiquities Act is one of our nation’s most valuable conservation tools but it is being threatened. Our environment and wildlife depend on this Act for their protection. Please sign our petition to oppose any efforts to undermine the Antiquities Act.

Find Criminals Who Stuck Puppies to Ground With Hot Tar

Hot-Tar-by-Karel-SiedlFour puppies are in critical condition after being stuck to the ground and covered in hot tar. Someone is intentionally torturing puppies since this is the second case. Demand that authorities find the criminal engaging in this horrific torture and bring them to justice.

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Tell Pepsico That Child Labor and Snack Foods Don’t Mix — Stop Child Labor

orangutanPepsiCo is profiting off the backs of laboring children and exploited workers for Conflict Palm Oil. This is also a driver of massive destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests — one of the most biodiverse places on Earth and home to orangutans and Sumatran tigers. PepsiCo must ensure workers’ rights are upheld, wildlife is protected and rainforests are kept standing.

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Save Chimpanzees and Elephants From Nigerian Superhighway

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Texas Animal Shelter Killed Dogs in Time for Christmas

An animal shelter in Texas is accused of euthanizing all of their dogs because they didn’t have anyone to care for them during the holidays. Any shelter that kills poor innocent animals so people don’t have to work during the holidays must be held accountable.

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Thank you for signing! Please Spread the Word: Clicking “learn more” qualifies you to receive updates from this nonprofit only.

Thank you for signing! Please Spread the Word: Clicking “learn more” qualifies you to receive updates from this nonprofit only.

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